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If you’re young, read this, and read it well. People die. Some folks, well, you never knew them, some, you will have only heard about, others, somewhat known, and finally the few, that you have known well, and hopefully as life long friends.

I knew him before we knew what girls were, I knew him when we learned to cuss, I knew him before his wife, and I knew him before his kids.

From tents in the back yard as kids then growing old we trekked many a trail. We drank, and when we did, we tossed the lid of the bottle away cuz we meant it. He and I chewed many a cigar together talking over everything, and on many nights we solved all the worlds’ problems. He used to laugh in the morning about not remembering one darn thing we’d have said the night before, to bad for the world he’d say.

Treasure them, whom you have, its one of the best parts of life. Forget the mistakes they made, as they have forgotten yours. See one day, death will have its day. It's not a part of this life, I have ever understood.

That one day of death, will rob you of all those days of living. It's a quick, cold to your core sting. And death will cut that person out of you. The soul needs to go forth, wholly, completely, living and leaving nothing behind, so every generous friendly time you spent together will be separated from what's inside you in this dear friends parting. Its gonna hurt as you grieve and only time will let the empty spaces of your friend, gently fill with memories, and so that's why I hope you made many memories with the one gone.

Don't waste anymore time in a friend's life. Make the difference, as they do in you and for you.

Today I’ve lost yet another, and his parting is not easy for me. It's easier, in a darker day, this day, this day where death took its final toll, from not only me, but all who shared a generous mans life, life that I’ve been given, to live, to think if I pass, it would be easier, than to bury one more. The trout whisperer

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