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I have been hunting from tree stands most of my 30 years of hunting. Most of my hunting has taken place from elevated stands, however the last 7 years or so I began hunting a lot on the ground. This introduced many options for steady aim over the years and I recently had the opportunity to test Vanguard's new Equalizer 2QS Bipod.

Vanguard Equalizer 2QS Bipod The Vanguard Equalizer 2QS Bi-Pod shooting stick was my first fully mounted shooting stick I have ever tried. The Equalizer 2QS bipod has the picatinny quick shoe rail system that makes it interchangeable on multiple firearms. The Bi-Pod has a folded height of 13 3/4" and an extended height of 28 3/8” making anything from prone to seated shooting possible. The 2QS features a twist leg lock system making height adjustment quick and quiet. The feet convert from spikes to rubber for stable support on all terrains. Another nice feature is each picatinny quick shoe rail has a shoulder strap connection for easy carrying.

The Equalizer 2QS Bipod has a precise aiming system that lets you pivot the firearm from 0 to 5 degrees of tilt and a -30 to 30 degrees of swing allowing easy target acquisition in all terrains.

My first testing of the Equalizer 2QS was at the range while sighting in my rifle for an upcoming hunting trip. I started at 50 yds in a prone position and shot out to 200 yds than I did the same in a sitting position. Having the Bipod connected to my rifle (instead of separate) really improved my accuracy and in turn my confidence. My groups tightened up and my first impressions of the 2QS were great!

Next week I packed my bags, rifle and my Equalizer 2QS and headed south for a late season hog hunt. The first day on the hunt I found myself in a ladder stand with a shooting rail and with the picatinny connector I was able to quickly disconnect the Equalizer 2QS from my rifle for the morning hunt.

The second day I was in a ground blind and I was easily able to put the bipod back on the rifle. I never did get an opportunity to pull the trigger on a hog on this hunt, but I was able to test aiming and holding at long distances in that blind and I’ve very confident that had the opportunity presented itself, with the help of the 2QS I would have got the job done! Since then I have had the chance to take the 2QS out for some varmints and the Vanguard Equalizer 2QS system allowed steady shots out to 300 yards for me personally.

I would highly recommend the Vanguard Equalizer 2QS system for people that like to shoot short and long distances. This system is well built and priced compared to similar models.

For more info checkout:
Vanguard Website

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