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Alpine Archery is known world-wide as one of the most innovate archery companies in the industry. While their awesome line of bows stand out in looks, performance and reliability for the hunter and the target competitor they have quietly designed one of the most innovative quiver systems available today.

Soft Loc 5 Arrow Quiver The Soft Loc Quiver System by Alpine was designed for the bowhunter and does much more than simply carry broadhead tipped arrows into the field. Offered in 3, 5 and 7 arrow models, the Soft Loc is the quietest, mid-priced quiver line available. Each model is designed and manufactured to absorb and reduce shock and vibrations thus adding to its quiet reputation and acting as a practical vibration dampening system.

Bob Proctor, President of Alpine noted: “The patented Soft Loc Quiver employs a ‘systems’ approach to quiver design. It incorporates a unique rubber mount and dual guide rail design that work in conjunction to dampen vibration and noise for a smoother, quieter shot. We also have a Quick & Quiet feature that allows you to mount and detach the quiver quickly and quietly as well as a vertical and quiver angle adjustment ability for perfect alignment and clearance. There is also a special adapter so the quivers may be worn as a hip holster. It's easy to see why the Soft Loc Quivers have been called ‘The best quiver system on the market’.”

The Alpine Archery Soft Loc Quivers are available in 3, 5 and 7 arrow models and will accept all standard diameter arrows and fixed and mechanical broadheads. Also available is a mounting system for treestands and screw in for trees. Soft Loc Quivers are also available in these exciting camo finishes: *Mossy Oak New Break-Up, Treestand (3 & 5 arrow only) & Infinity * Realtree Hardwoods Green HD, Hardwoods HD & APG HD * Mathew's Lost Camo * Skulz Camo (3 & 5 arrow only) and * Black (5 arrow only).

Another great line of innovative, practical, well priced archery products from Alpine Archery.

For more information please contact:
Alpine Archery - PO Box 319 - 3101 North South Highway - Lewiston, ID 83501
208-746-4717 -

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