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Predator Innovations, LLC - inventor of a better way to hang treestands with their Hang-On Buddy™ Universal Treestand Mounting System is all about making life easier and safer for the treestand hunter. Now they are making it easier to install Screw-In Treesteps with their newest product the STEP BUDDYTM.

Step Buddy Jason Werkheiser explains: “Installing and removing screw-in treesteps can be a bit of a grind. The STEP BUDDYTM is a sturdy Tube/Sleeve that slips over the end of screw-in treesteps and helps you get them started and turned into the proper depth. It also makes it easier to remove the steps. Using the STEP BUDDYTM saves your hands from the friction of turning each step. It's a simple product that simply works to save effort, time and wear on your hands.”

The STEP BUDDYTM is five inches long and weighs a light one ounce. It also features a convenient wrist strap to keep the STEP BUDDYTM handy and prevent it from falling as you climb.

For information on the Hang-On BuddyTM and Step BuddyTM please contact:
Predator Innovations - 877-831-1525. - e-mail
On the web at:

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