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Dan Braman

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Steve - Steve with Huntonly.com came to hunt with is in October. After arriving at the lodge we talked a bit and headed to the range to make sure his rifle was sighted in. That's always important, as the airline baggage handlers are not very respectful when it comes to other people's things.

With his rifle sighted in we headed out to look around. On the first evening we were mainly looking at the ranch and all of the game. We never really planned to get anything. On the far east end of the ranch we saw a buck that really needed to be taken. Eight points and five years old, which is not something you want in your gene pool. I think I kind of caught Steve by surprise when I said we need to take that buck. I quickly calmed his worry when I told him that this buck wouldn't be the one he was here for. We quickly moved into position and one well placed shot the buck was down. All in all we saw probably a hundred bucks, a few hogs, and some turkeys.

There was a buck that I had been watching fairly close to the lodge that I wanted to Steve to get. The following morning I told Steve that we should go check out some other areas because I had not seen that buck before 8:00AM. AT around 7:45AM I set us up to over look the field this buck frequented. By 9:00AM we had not seen him so we moved on. Saw quiet a few deer that morning but nothing that we thought was good enough. During lunch I told Steve I thought we should leave a little early and set up on that field because in the afternoon he comes out at different times. We crawled up on my glassing tower on the back of my truck and watched the field from 1500-2000 yards away. From this vantage point we could see ¾ of the field. There was one part of it that obscured with high trees. We had a guide in camp that didn't have a client so I asked him to position himself in a way that he could see the one spot.

Steve's Management Buck After a couple hours of glassing Shelby (other guide) called me on the radio and said that he was pretty sure the buck had fed out into the field in our blind spot. We stepped off of the glassing platform and I told Steve what I thought we should do. We would walk directly west towards a fence row, from there, we would turn south down the fence and move into a creek where we wouldn't be seen.

Once we arrived at the creek, I could see the deer out in the field and told Steve that it was in fact the buck we were after. He looked at him and was pleased so we then made a plan. We would cross through the fence staying on the north side of the creek so the brush would hide our movement. Walking west for a few hundred yards we crossed the creek for a better look. The buck was still way out there at 800 yards so we continued on. Moving west we walked a pretty good ways until I thought we were close enough and crossed the creek bed again. Sneaking up the other side I quickly found out that I was wrong. The buck was still five hundred yards away. Back up the bank and walking west again, into the sun.

The next time we crossed we were exactly three hundred yards from the feeding buck. I set up my shooting sticks so that Steve could rest his rifle and look through the scope. The ground was not at all level there and Steve didn't feel comfortable with taking the shot. Darkness was closing in fast and for a minute we talked about backing out and coming back in the morning. I decided to try and make it just a little closer. We walked a little ways down the creek and crossed again. This time we were 260 yards away. Again, I set my shooting sticks up and this time the ground was level. Steve said that he felt like he could make the shot so I told him to take the buck when he was ready.

I was looking through my binoculars when I heard the BOOM. With a SMACK from the bullets impact the buck dropped out of my view into the grass and never moved a muscle. Great stalk, great shot, great hunt! Steve also went on a cat hunt one night, which resulted in a nice bobcat. The hounds did super and we had a great time.

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