November Client - Trophy Hunt

Dan Braman

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Sid - Sid is a repeat client that I have guided for several years. He's a great guy and loves hunting just about every species there is. He looks forward to his week at Mellon Creek every year and he is a real pleasure to hunt with.

I can also vouch for the fact that Sid has never fired more then one shot at any animal and he has never missed. Sid always books a trophy hunt and this year he would be my first trophy client. That always gets my blood pumping because I have spent months scouting and I love going after a particular big buck. I had two in mind for Sid; one that lacked in width but his brow tines were plamated and he had 16 points with extreme mass. The other buck was a big typical 12 point with mass and a spread.

The first evening we just looked around and talked. It's always great to catch up with old friends when you haven't seen them in a year. That night I showed video of the brow tine buck to Sid and he said he definitely wanted to get a closer look. The next morning before daylight we were sitting in my glassing tower over looking some costal Bermuda grass field where this buck was usually feeding. After thirty minutes we didn't see him I looked to a field about a half mile south and he was there. We moved in for a closer look. At forty yards away this buck was impressive, his brow tines would really make your heart speed up. I judged his brow tines at around nine inches long and five inches wide. Sid likes width so he decided to pass on the buck. I love hunting with guys that are picky!

Earlier in the week Dustin Mueller, another guide, had seen a big 13 point buck with kickers very near where we were. I told Sid we would go where Dustin had seen the buck and rattle. I also explained to him that I had never seen the deer but Dustin is a great hunter and knows what he is talking about. We set up near a Mesquite thicket on the edge of a small food plot. With Sid settled in on my shooting sticks and a camera man sitting behind us, I started to rattle. I had just completed my first rattling sequence when I saw something moving through the brush around a hundred yards away. I saw it, then it was gone. I stayed quiet and just stared at the opening where I had seen it. I started second guessing myself, Did I see something, was it a bird, were some of the things going through my mind.

I grunted and I saw it again about forty yards to the right of where I had seen it before. My eyes were straining into the thicket as I could hear Sid getting ready. Sid has hunted with me enough to know when I see something even if I haven't said anything. Then out of nowhere a buck run out into the open ground stopped in his tracks. His nostrils were flaring with every breath, steam was coming out of his nose on every breath, he was 45 yards away. Without looking at Sid or moving a muscle, I told Sid through clinched lips,” Shoot that buck.”
In less then two seconds Sid's 257 WBY shattered the morning silence and I watched the entire right side of the buck rock when the bullet hit him. The big buck turned and ran straight away into the ticket and out of sight. I wasn't concerned at all, I have hunted enough with Sid to know that this bullet was right where it needed to be and our buck was probably already down. I stood up and shook Sid's hand and said, “ Great shot Sid and I don't think you know what you just got.”

In fact I didn't know for sure myself, all I could remember was wide, heavy, tall, and kickers on both G2's. We waited about ten minutes and walked to where we had last seen the buck. No blood……but no worries because not ten yards inside the thicket I could see a white belly and antlers sticking up out of the grass. Sid was still on his one shot one kill role. I pulled the deer out of the brush for Sid and he realized what just happened. I don't know who was more excited, me or him? 13 points, 20 inches wide, great mass, and kickers on his G2's over four inches long. I would guess we shook hands ten times in the fifteen minutes it took to take pictures. Even better the entire hunt was recorded on video. I can't wait for Sid to come back next year. By the way, the brow tine buck's brow tines were nine inches long and 8 inches wide; so I was close. Another hunter took him in December with guide Dustin Mueller.

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