November Client - Management Buck 2

Dan Braman

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Dax - Dax came with his Mother Nan from the great state of Florida. Our hunt began shortly after he sighted his rifle in. We looked around that first after noon and saw a lot of deer.

The next morning we found a really dark horned management buck feeding on an area about 400 yards from us. We moved to within sixty yards and Dax had buck # 1 down.

Dax's father had bought two bucks so that afternoon we moved into position to glass a huge pipline where Doc (another guide) had seen a big nine point. Finally this buck came into view and we started our stalk. We had about 700 yards to cover and the last 300 were going to be tough. We got in some tall grass and I told Dax to stay as low as possible. We crawled for two hundred yards as the deer walked towards us. We got as close as we could and the deer started walking straight at us. We were fifty yards away from him and there was no way we could stand up without spooking him. I looked in that direction and noticed a rise in front of the buck. I whispered to Dax that I was going to set my binoculars on the ground in front of him for a rest. As we laid there I could only see the tips of the bucks antlers as he walked our way. When he finally stepped up on that rise he was 16 yards away.

Dax laid him down with a perfect neck shot. We were both jumping and high fiving with excitement. What a great stalk and buck. That is why I do this for sure, moments that will never be forgotten are made from things just like Dax's hunt.

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