Maxima Blue Streak and Blue Streak Select arrows

Steve Sheetz

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At the 2011 ATA show in Indianapolis, IN last month, Carbon Express introduced the all new Maxima Blue Streak and Blue Streak Select arrows. These truly are the most accurate hunting arrows I have ever shot. These arrows are raising the bar for hunting arrow performance and accuracy.

The Maxima Blue Streak and Blue Streak Select both feature Carbon Express’ new Dual Spine Weight Forward Technology. Dual Spine Weight Forward is a patented
multi-layer/multi-material arrow innovation, creating two spines in one arrow. This new dual spine design provides better energy management from the bow to the arrow, causing the arrow to recover faster and spin sooner. The result of this better energy management and quicker recovery is greater accuracy.

What that means to you and me is greater down range accuracy and greater down range penetration. When I shot these arrows at 30 yards I was impressed, but the further I moved back, the more impressed I became with their accuracy and penetration. The ultimate test of this arrow came last week when I dropped a doe at forty five yards and the arrow easily passed through her body for a clean double lung kill.

In my garage testing, the new Maxima arrows on average shot 50% tighter groups with broadheads at 20, 30, and 40 yards than non-Dual Spine Weight Forward arrows. In addition, both arrows are made with the exclusive Diamond Weave technology, an innovative carbon crossed weave material design that delivers better spine uniformity resulting in better accuracy, and durability. Not only does it perform well, but it also gives you an amazingly good looking finish to your arrow.

These arrows feature:
•Dual Spine Weight Forward Technology which delivers rapid recovery and guidance control
•Patented Diamond Weave for unparalleled spine consistency
•Patented BuffTuff Plus carbon weave for excellent strength and durability
•BlazerTM Vanes - added velocity for precision broadhead performance
•BullDogTM nock collar - unrelenting strength and durability for nock end impacts

I admit that $80.00 for six arrows may seem pricey, but when you are sitting in your favorite treestand and the buck of a lifetime walks out in front of you, you will be glad you spent the extra money to get the new Maxima Blue Streak arrow. Check them out for yourself at your local proshop or visit Carbon Express on the Web.

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