December Client - Trophy Hunt

Dan Braman

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Wynn- I didn't actually guide Wynn's hunt but I did help on all of his bucks. He bought a trophy hunt and a management. He also wanted to do all of this with a bow. If we have the guides free when we have a bow hunter we use two extra guides.

We will set the hunters guide right with the hunter and we will get on either side of him with rattling horns. Usually we set up 100 yards on either side of the hunter. This allows us to move the deer one way or the other for a better bowshot.

At the first location we set up in an ā€œLā€ shape pattern. Chaise and Wynn sat on one side of a scendero while I set up directly across from them behind a huge live oak tree about fifty yards away. Shelby moved north and to Wynn's right about 100 yards away. Within 45 seconds of my first rattling series I saw a buck trotting in our direction. I quickly stopped rattling and tried to become as invisible as possible. The buck walked right past me and out into the scendero.

With the buck at 14 yards Wynn had to wait to draw. Shelby could see the whole thing taking place and knew what was wrong; so he tickled his rattling horns together so the buck would look his way. With the bucks head turned Wynn drew and placed a perfect arrow shot behind the bucks shoulder. As the buck ran away he came to within 5 yards of where I was sitting. I could see a river of blood pouring out and knew this track job wouldn't take long.

Sure enough he didn't run 35 yards and it was done. Wide 10 point with great main beam length and unique gā€™2's that curved out. The next morning we set up at an intersection of a pipeline and a mina road. Chaise and Wynn set up on the corner with Shelby on one side and me on the other. We rattled and nothing came in. Just when we started to give up and move Chaise saw a buck. I laid down in some tall grass and started rattling. The buck ran to me and stopped within five feet of me. Chaise had to tell Wynn not to shoot for fear of him hitting me.
The buck moved over and Wynn made another incredible shot. This buck ran twenty yards and dropped. Wynn had so much fun he bought another management buck right then and there. That evening we saw some deer in a stand of oak trees and moved in to rattle them out. When we sat down the bucks started feeding our way, One of them walked within 20 feet of me. The bigger of the two bucks moved to the right of Chaise and Wynn and once again Wynn drove his arrow home. Another good management buck down. While he was there he also got two big hogs and a couple doe. The hogs were way out in the marsh, which made it hard to get them out, but we got it done.

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