December Client - Management Buck 2

Dan Braman

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Morgan Menke- Morgan is a young lady with a love of deer hunting. She was so excited to be in camp and I was excited to hunt with her and her father. The first evening after sighting in her gun we looked around at the ranch and all the deer. She was even more excited after that.

The next morning an hour before daylight I was sitting at the lodge waiting for breakfast when Morgan's father walked out and informed me that Morgan was not feeling well and wasn't going to make the morning hunt. I felt so sorry for her as I knew how excited she was. That afternoon she was better and I put a pillow in my truck along with a blanket. I decided to just park the truck in a an area where we would see a lot moving and sit for the evening.

We saw some bucks that evening but nothing worth trying to take. The next morning Dustin called me on the radio and said he saw a good management buck down a scendero. We drove to where Dustin was and decided the buck was what we wanted. The wind was wrong to approach from this direction so we would have to drive around and come from the other way. From the other end we had a stalk of 1500 yards or more. We got to within 300 yards pretty easy but that the buck was feeding in our direction so we stopped there. For some reason the buck picked his head up started walking in our direction so we moved to the side of the pipeline and hid in the brush.

The buck walked to within 20 yards and Morgan placed a .243 in his neck. She was so happy and excited and that stalk will make a lasting memory.

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