Using a Fishing Pole to Catch a Buck

Rebecca Gicewicz

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It is amazing the crazy innovations that people can come up with, but that is how inventions are made from a creative mind. I was recently hunting, it was cold, there wasn't much action and my mind began to wander as it often does in the stand.

I was trying to devise a plan to spread out an attractant scent without having to walk across the land I was planning to hunt. I am somewhat extreme when it comes to scent elimination. I prefer to hunt an area that I haven't had to walk across. I want all the odds stacked in my favor. So all the approaches to my stands avoid walking through the direct area I am hunting. But that poses an issue when trying to use an attractant or estrous scent I certainly don't have access to a helicopter, but if I did I would certainly use it! As my mind wandered I began to stare at the creek I was hunting over and I thought about fishing……another activity which causes my mind to wander. And then the proverbial light bulb went on…….that's it!!! I can spread scent using my fishing pole. OK a bit crazy I know and perhaps I was suffering from a wee bit of hypothermia and hypoglycemia but it works.

Now to spread scent out in a food plot or other area or to make a scent line from a scrape to my stand I use my fishing pole. I am fairly good at casting and no this won't work in thick cover areas… will end up tangled in the trees but a more open venue is perfect. Put the scent wick soaked in your choice of attractant and cast out and slowly reel in towards your stand or your decoy or your target area. As you reel in you leave behind the tantalizing fragrance that is sure to bring the big guy into range. He will never know you are there he won't smell your boots, or your cookie crumbs or whatever may cause him to turn tail and run. Nothing is worse than having a big buck coming to you on a string only to be busted by some microscopic molecule of scent particle that you left behind. Instead of taking the shot all you do is gnash your teeth together as you see white tails waving and all sorts of blowing…….BUSTED!!! With the fishing pole method all he will smell is a delicious scent that has him blindly following without any suspicion or paranoia. You can lay the scent trail from multiple directions, crossing deer paths or skirting bedding areas. It is the ultimate stealth way to lay a scent trail. I know you never thought of using a fishing pole to catch a buck, but it my keep you from having to tell the sad story of the one that got away. Give it a try!

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