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Timberlost Outfitting offers fully guided Saskatchewan, Canada Trophy Whitetail Deer and Black Bear hunting. They are located near Leoville, Saskatchewan, 140 miles north of Saskatoon.

Timberlost Outfitting is a Trophy Hunters paradise due to the good genetics, perfect habitat and few hunters, offering great opportunities at bucks over 170". Firearm hunts and archery hunts are offered on a limited basis to maintain a low pressure hunting environment. Extensive management practices and maintaining year round nutrition with various mineral and salt licks, and predator control ensure our trophy whitetail deer develop to their fullest potential.

Timberlost Outfitting is 100% FREE RANGE, No Fences!!

Date: 1-6 November 2010
Hunt: Whitetail Hunt
Weapon: Rifle

My hunt started about a month prior to my arrival. The folks from Timberlost Outfitting provided numerous trail camera photos of monster bucks I would have a chance to pursue during my hunt.

I arrived in Saskatoon Canada on Saturday evening and stayed at the Sandman Inn, which was a very nice hotel. That evening Timberlost Outfitting set up a meet and greet dinner at the hotel restaurant that included the Outfitter staff and all the hunters that would be in camp during the hunt.

Sunday morning all the hunters were picked up at the hotel and headed off to base camp in Leoville. We made a few stops along the way to pick up supplies in preparation for the week ahead.

Upon arriving at Leoville we loaded all our gear and supplies on the quads and started the trip to the camp that we would be hunting out of the remainder of the week. Each hunter was assigned their own quad which was a convenience I didn't expect but greatly appreciated. These weren't what I would call your everyday quads. As with everything else I’d experienced to this point with Timberlost Outfitting, the quads were first rate, with windshields and heated grips, which made the 1.5 hour commute to and from the stands every morning and evening more than tolerable.

The Lodge
The Main Lodge consisted of 3 rooms with bunk beds to accommodate 6 hunters which included a full kitchen, full bathroom, and a deck with a wood fired hot tub overlooking a beautiful lake. The site included an Outfitter Lodge, a skinning shed, and a garage used for maintaining the quads. All the facilities were excellent considering this was to be a bush hunt.

The Food
Dustan Smolinski was the camp cook. He did not disappoint. I had the opportunity to enjoy some native Canadian cuisine during this trip that I will never forget. I was shocked by the abundance and quality of food that was at our disposal throughout the trip for being at a bush camp. We also had an opportunity to consume beverages of our choice every evening which enhance the stories that were told of the days hunt.

The Guides
I’ve been on several guided hunting trips and the guide service provided on this trip was superior. These guides were very knowledgeable, personable, and passionate about what they were doing. Their dedication had a direct impact on the positive experience I had with Timberlost Outfitting. It was very apparent how much effort was put in not only during but prior to our hunt.

The Hunt
One of the most impressive things I experienced during this hunt with Timberlost Outfitting was how they determined what stand each hunter would be hunting. They would put the names of the stand sites in a hat. Then they would take a deck of cards and have each hunter pick a card. The hunter with the highest card would have first pick out of the hat and so on until all hunters had a stand. I couldn't think of a more objective way of selecting stand locations.

Day 1 - After a restless night of sleeping with all the anticipation of the week ahead, morning had finally come. We had a large hot breakfast; lunches were packed and ready to go for the full day hunt ahead of us. When we arrived at my stand I was impressed with the stand setups, they ranged from 20 to 30 feet in height, well constructed, and very comfortable, which is absolutely necessary for all day hunts. Each stand has a bait pile consisting of alfalfa and peas. Deer started arriving almost immediately after I got settled in the stand. I saw about 30 deer the first day, 2 bucks I would consider shooters but passed on this being the first day of the hunt.

Day 2 & 3- We had breakfast and headed out to the stand I hunted on day one. The Timberlost Outfitting likes the hunter to spend at least two days on a stand if a large buck has been captured on a trial camera in the area. I spent a 3rd day in pursuit of the nice buck that was in the area. I saw about 130 deer the first three days, 30 different buck and 100 does.

Day 4- We had breakfast and headed out to a new stand. As the sun came up that morning 2 moose, one cow and one calf came lumbering to the bait pile. They lay in the middle of the bait pile and proceeded to eat for about 30 minutes. After seeing deer circling the bait and not coming in to feed because of the moose presence, I’ve waved them off the pile. Almost immediately after they left deer starting funneling in. At about 12:45 a huge mature 9 point Canadian whitetail appeared, he was well over 300 pounds but still wasn't the one I was looking for. I shot some video of this amazing buck and continued to hunt. Upon returning to the camp that evening I showed the other hunter the video captured of the 9 point buck. Most thought I needed my head examined for not taking this deer but I had bigger bucks on my mind.

Day 5- We had breakfast and headed out to the stand. As daybreak came and went I was watching a few deer on the bait when all of the sudden they all raised their heads and looked in one direction. Of course my first thought was Mr. Big was about to honor me with his presence, to my surprise the first wolf I’d ever seen in person was standing in front of me. He looked to weigh about 150 pounds. He didn't stay long and quickly moved on about his business. At that point my confidence of seeing any deer let alone a monster buck was very low. It took about two hours for things to settle down and then deer started appearing at the bait pile.

I decided to try some rattling. Nothing came in at first, and then I rattled again and within two minutes of rattling the second time a big mature 10 point with heavy mass stepped into my view. I fired up the video camera and started preparing to take a shot at this Canadian beast. I watched and shot video of this deer for a good ten minutes until he made his way to me. It was time to take the shot he was about 45 yards away at this point, with the video camera running and the crosshairs on his shoulder I squeezed off a round. The deer turned and lunged to the right and left the area. I contacted Devin, let him know what had happened. I got all my gear together and waited for Devin, while I was waiting a nice big 8 point buck with kickers came to the bait pile. We tracked the buck I’d shot for 2 hours without recovering the deer. My hunt ended at that point but Devin assured me they would continue to try to locate the buck and if it was found after I left he would be sure to get it to me. I recieved word about a week later that the deer was alive and well with trail camera pictures to prove it.

I consider this trip to be one of the most thrilling hunts I’ve ever been on and appreciate the opportunity.

The Rest
If you’ve hunted in Canada before or are considering it for the first time, I highly recommend booking a Whitetail hunt with Timberlost Outfitting. In my opinion you will not be disappointed. Their professionalism, attention to detail, and hospitality are second to none.

Contact Devin Beebe via phone (306) 821-2726 or via the internet at Timberlost Outfitting to book your hunt of a lifetime.

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