I Am a Hunter Not a Killer

Rebecca Gicewicz

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On a recent trip with an outfitter I realized that there is a distinction in the outdoor community…..there are hunters and there are killers. When I am in the woods I go with the understanding that I am hunting, I may not see a single deer, I may see a bunch and I may see and shoot a giant. In the world of fair chase hunting there is no guarantee of seeing something much less kill or harvest something. Part of the hunting experience is the unknown. What will I see? Will it be unique? Will I learn a valuable lesson? I enjoy the entire experience; I am not just out there to kill.

My recent trip had me paired up with two” killers”. They did not want to hunt they were only interested in killing. They had been to high fenced set-ups and thought that was the best way to “hunt”. The hunting situation they were on with me was fair chase and they certainly weren't guaranteed a shot at a big buck let alone kill one. This wasn't agreeable to them and they were miserable and cantankerous the entire trip…….what a drag!
Part of the thrill of the hunt is the unknown, the possibility, the limitless options. Expecting success every time will only set you up for disappointment.

I think most people using this site are in the hunter category. They want to learn all they can to help increase their odds. They want to share in other peoples experiences and other success help keep them going. Stories of success and overcoming the odds help me to keep get up each morning knowing that the possibility exists that a huge trophy may be within my reach someday. Hunting isn't for a quitter it takes a strong moral character to be a true hunter. Anyone can be a killer but the ones I had the displeasure of being paired up with on this trip didn't have the perseverance it takes to be a hunter. They gave up and left early and could have lost out on the buck of a lifetime. Every time you go out into the woods you never know what might happen. There are no guarantees but the sky is the limit.

Those killers might have more and bigger mounts on their walls, but they are hollow victories. They didn't overcome adversity, hunt a deer for 2 or 3 years or really try and match wits with a crafty whitetail. They paid top dollar, walked through the gate of a high fenced pen and shot a big buck. That wouldn't give me any satisfaction whatsoever.

I am a hunter, not a killer. My trophy room isn't full, but I have great stories behind each deer I have hunted and I still go out hunting even when I don't see a whole lot because in my mind you just never know.

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