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The title in itself explains everything. Too many hunters these days worry about killing to animal with the biggest set of antlers, or filling their bag limit of ducks and geese.

Sunrise in the Duck Blind If they don't get these things, they talk about how horrible their hunt was or talk about all the negative things about their hunting experience of the day. What happened to the passion that many hunters share of just being able to get out in nature and commune with natures most sacred sights and sounds? Why can't a person go out and enjoy being out rather than what they bring home to the table?

One of my favorite quotes by Outdoor Edge's Brad Lockwood is “Remember, it's not the length of the beard or the size of the rack, it's all about the ‘Love of the Hunt’.” Think about that for a minute. What does the love of the hunt mean to you? I’ll tell you what it means to me and maybe you might share my opinion and maybe you have some experiences of your own that can relate.

Hunting to me means just being outside when it's dark, watching the sunrise, hearing all the critters of the woods and water wake up and start their morning routines. Hunting to me is a passion that is not defined by taking animals, but having the ability to be one with nature. It's the smell of the crisp, morning air; whether it be salty, briny air of the sea or the fresh, leafy, earthy smell of the woods. The love of the hunt is the bewilderment of how every animal knows its place and what it has to do to survive. It's the sounds of the water hitting the hull of your duck boat or the sounds of the squirrels rustling the leaves to find their morning acorn. It's the sight of millions of blackbirds pluming out of the freshly cut cornfields or the lone black duck in the next creek quacking its morning tune. These are all things, that when paid attention to and marveled at, make the love of the hunt grow deep.

Here is one idea I would like to throw out. Think about all those people who physically cannot go hunting. They either can't get out of bed, or they can't walk, or they can't see and the list goes on. Don't you think they would trade just one day with you so that they could go out, be healthy and experience the outdoors that we tend to take for granted? I say yes. We as hunters are so fortunate to see, hear, smell, taste, and feel things that many others don't have a clue about or the luxury to experience. Be thankful for this because it may not always be the case.
There are many out there that are trying to take away our hunting lands and put heinous restrictions on guns, ammunition, hunting lands, and game species able to hunt. Please, enjoy what God has given us. Don't take hunting for granted. This is, for the love of the hunt.

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