EXO TECH G30 Safety Harness

Steve Sheetz

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If you have ever been lucky enough to sit in a Gorilla Treestand you know just how comfortable they are. At six foot three inches tall and two hundred and eighty pounds around, I am always looking for ways to be more comfortable in the woods to extend my time aloft in the stand

Earlier this year Gorilla introduced its EXO TECH G30 Safety Harness, well just like there treestands, their harness is a real winner.

It is easy to put on, and can be put on in as little as thirty seconds. Weighing in at just over four pounds, you will appreciate the lightness and breathability of the EXO TECH G30on those long walks into your most secrete stand locations. It features XPE(this is the space age padding that NASCAR uses, and is found in their walls and racing helmets) padding in the shoulders as well as the upper back for all day comfort and shock absorption. In addition, it has an extra long thirty inch tether that allows the hunter 360 degrees of mobility in the stand. The cost for the EXO TECH G30 is around $150.00 and is money well spent.

At first glance you notice the minimalist design that won't alter your camo pattern, like many harnesses do. You also notice the unique quite parachute buckle system that does not clink and clang as you walk to and from your stand. There are plenty of little add-ons that make this my favorite harness on the market today. First, you will find two large D rings on each shoulder strap for holding calls, compasses, and other items that you want within easy reach. Next there are also two clips lower on the shoulder straps which are perfect for holding binoculars or other gear. As a bonus feature each harness has an attached side storage bag for storing anything else that you might need, like releases, snacks or even a drink. Every EXO TECH G30 comes with a lineman's belt and suspension relief device.

The company claims that its “patent pending energy absorbing system (E.A.S) outperforms conventional harness designs, reducing the felt force of a fall by nearly fifty percent in independent lab tests. This means that unlike most harness systems, this technically advanced tether will gently stop your fall with the assurance and security that only Gorilla products can deliver.” As far as I can tell this claim is more than supported by research from an independent lab.

If you are in the market for a new harness, the Gorilla EXO TECH G30 is the way to go. It gets my perfect five out five arrow rating. It looks great, has superior functionality and is packed with plenty of bonus features you won't find on any other harness on the market today.

Good Luck and Safe Hunter

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