Vanguard Quest T62 3-in-1 Shoot Stick

Smoke Armstrong

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I have been hunting from the ground off and on throughout my 35 years of hunting whitetail deer. I started out actually using a “shooting stick” made from any sturdy branch shaped in a “Y” that I could find.

Shooting stick technology has come a long ways since I first started hunting. The sticks made today can be used on the ground and in tree stands for whitetail hunting. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars over the years on shooting sticks and believe this gear review will prevent others from doing the same.

Vanguard Quest T62 Shooting Stick Recently, I was introduced to the Vanguard Quest T62 3-in-1 Shooting Stick which is adjustable from 28” to 62”. This stick features tripod, bi-pod, and gun pod options which can be used with spotting scopes, camcorders or cameras. It also features twisting leg locks for quick height adjustment.

I haven't had the opportunity to use this shooting stick in a hunting situation. However, we did some thorough testing of the Quest T62 on the range while shooting in our weapons for the upcoming season. Both hunting partners were very impressed and will most definitely be trying to borrow mine or buy their own for the upcoming firearms season.

The stability this product provides has built my confidence should long range shots present themselves. I’m looking forward to using it in the woods for many hunting seasons to come.

I have also had the opportunity to use it while shooting video, In both cases I’m extremely satisfied with this product and recommend it to those of you who are using shooting sticks that might be looking for other options and those of you considering using them in the future. I really like the flexibility this product provides the hunter, photographer, and videographer.

The Vanguard Quest T62 3-in-1 Shooting Stick offers 1, 2, and 3 legs shooting options, 360 degree rotation for maximum flexibility and made of heavy gauge aluminum alloy weighing in just over 2 pounds. It's portable and collapses into a very small transportable size of 29”.

Vanguard Quest T62 Shooting Stick Everything about this shooting stick is well made, from the twisting leg locks for quick height adjustment to the anti-slip rubber feet. This stick provides one of the sturdiest platforms I’ve ever shot from.

This product is perfect for those of us that hunt from the ground and those of us that like to stalk whitetail deer, the 62” adjustable height makes shooting from the standing position a breeze. Whether you’re a hunter, or a parent videoing your children at sporting events Vanguard will have a product for you.

I highly recommend the Vanguard Quest T62 3-in-1 shooting stick and look forward to trying out their other products in the future. Save yourselves the time and frustration associated with checking out the volumes of shooting sticks on the market today and commit to a Vanguard shooting stick. Affordably priced the Vanguard Quest T62 in my opinion is the only shooting stick you’ll ever need.

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