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Steve Sheetz

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I most defiantly am in love with other women besides my wife and daughter. She and all her friends come into my life every September and then leave in late March. They parade by my home early each morning and late each afternoon. Before you go and get all righteous on me I am talking about DOES, not women. Those bald bucks if you will. I love does, and I love the challenges associated with trying to bring them down. I realize that for many people, killing does isn't cool, or it is seen as less of an accomplishment, however where I live it is a way of life. I can you tell you from personal experience it is harder to kill a doe, than it is to kill a buck, especially during the rut, or when a doe has her fawns close at hand. They are generally more alert and better in tune with their environment, than are bucks.

I am fortunate enough to live in a state that allows you to kill three bucks and three does each year, plus I can buy as many six pack bonus tags for $18.00 as I want. Now I ask you, where can you have that kind of fun for only three dollars? My goal every year is the same, kill 25 deer and try to make a difference in reduce the numbers of the local deer herd. I only keep the meat from two or three does each year. When I am meat hunting I am looking for a doe that is two years old. The rest of the venison is donated to Hunters for the Hungry in my area. Not only do we have liberal harvest regulations in Northern Virginia, we also have a very long season stretching a full seven months from the first Saturday in September to the last Saturday of March.

I believe that there is no better preparation for shooting a big buck than practicing on live does. You gain valuable experience controlling your breathing, shooting from the seated position, shot placement from in a treestand, judging distances and you get to work on your blood trailing techniques. Additionally it gives you the opportunity to fine tune your shooting lanes and better hide your stand if necessary.

When you live in an area like I do, where the deer herd is grossly out of control, you are doing your part to help keep the population from growing even more out of control. Despite shooting large numbers of does every year, there has been no discernable decline in the deer population. I feel as if as soon as I shoot one, another one just moves into its place in the herd. I can't imagine what the deer population would be like if I did not shoot any does.

So if you are looking for a real challenge, shoot a few does this year. Do your part to help control the heard and you might just see some bigger bucks cruising through your area in the future.

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