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Steve Sheetz

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The Buck Bomb Company in Stevensonville, MD has a winner on their hands with their entire line of Buck Bomb products. There is a reason why folks like Michael Waddell, and Wildgame Innovations have teamed up them to work on a variety of scent projects recently. There products work.

Buck Bomb If you are looking for an easy to use, hassle free, moron proof way to bring deer in closer to your stand than ever before, than the Buck Bomb might be just what you are looking for. It is hands down, the easiest and most affective scent attractant I have ever used. The best part is, it cost less than $10.00 a can. So for those of us those of us that hunt on a beer budget, it is the most bang for your buck in the scent market.

The Buck Bomb comes in five different scents that include, Doe P, Young Buck, Doe in Estrus, and Vanilla Curiosity. Wildgame Innovations has created a new scent called Acorn Rage, and Michael Waddell to create a Doe in Estrus bomb. Each can of Buck Bomb comes with five ounces of pure scent, which is twice as much as most companies offer for the same price.

It is simple to use, just pop the top on the aerosol can, and choose to either spray the area in short burst from ground or your stand or press the spray mechanism all the way down to the lock position and fog the whole area. I am big fan of the fog feature, I just set and forget. I set the can in an old stump of log about 20 yards away from my stand and just watch the deer roll in. The first time I used the product I had dozen deer under my stand and they were as calm as could be.

I give the Buck Bomb my highest rating of five arrows out of five arrows.

Be sure to check out Buck Bombs full line of scent products for everything you hunt.

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