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Have you ever wanted to fletch your own arrows, but felt intimidated by the process? Are you tired of paying $3.00 an arrow to have them refletched at your local proshop? Then you need to purchase your own Arizona EZ Fletch.

Arizona EZ Fletch At cost of around $50.00 you will save money in refletching fees alone. The claim is that it is the “fastest and most accurate fletching tool on the market”, if it is not, than it is pretty darn close. I have been using the EZ Fletch Mini (the mini is for vanes up to 2 ¼ inches) now for over a year and it does exactly what it claims to do. I can fletch a dozen arrows in less than an hour. The best part is that is it fletches all three vanes at once

Clean up is quick and easy and general consists of wiping the plastic down with acetone. This is something that I recommend doing every single time you finish using the EZ Fletch for the day. I would not allow any glue to build up as this can be a pain to clean later.

There is nothing worse than being at camp and your fletching start to fall off after target shooting. I have been the hero more than once in deer camp, because I had my EZ Fletch along. It is amazing to see people's reaction to just how easy it is to fletch their arrows.

Arizona EZ Fletch It is comprise of a strong plastic frame and stainless steel spring that is designed to last for years of use. The directions that come with are clear and concise; in fact I believe that a monkey could learn how to fletch arrows this way.

Here are the seven easy steps:
Step 1: Hold tool by Mandril Base, with free hand push up on D-Ring turning to right until it locks. Remove Top Clamp to release fletching arms.

Step 2: Place vanes/feathers into the slot of each arm. (note: gray arm is for cock vane/feather).

Step 3: Apply a light bead of glue to each vane.

Step 4: Insert an arrow shaft into the hole at the base of the fletching arms. Push down until the nock on your arrow seats on the nock receiver.

Step 5: Holding tool by Mandril Base, gently unlock and release D-Ring to closed position.

Step 6: With fletching arms in closed position, vanes/feathers will now adhere to arrow. Place cap lightly over arrow shaft and top of fletching arms until. Wait 2-3 minutes for glue to set when using vanes and 5-10 minutes with feathers. (60 seconds for Super Glues).

Step 7: To remove arrow repeat instruction 1.

If you are looking for a simple, compact, and economical fletching tool this is it.

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