Archers Delight Home-Made Mineral Mix

Steve Sheetz

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At $20.00 to $25.00 per 2.5 gallon container of “mineral mix” at the local sporting goods shop, it can quickly turn into an expensive hunting season, especially if you hunt 75 to 100 days a year like I do.

A few years ago I began experimenting with my own hunting attractant mix and came up with what I call Archers Delight. You can get all of the ingredients at your local Tractor Supply Store or any other agricultural store for that matter. For around $50.00 bucks I have created the ultimate bring ‘em in combination of ingredients that will not only bring deer into your area, but also hold them there throughout the year. We not only use this mix during the hunting season, but also in our feeders in the spring and summer. When you are finished mixing it all together you will have 250 pounds of it or approximately 150 - 175 gallons of mix. That is forty to fifty times more mix than you would get spending the same amount of money on C’mere Deer.

Here is what you need:
3 - 50 gallon trash cans
1 - Spade shovel
1 - 2.5 gallon travel bucket
1 - 50 lbs bag of Producers Pride Whole Corn - $10.00
2 - 50 lbs bags of Producers Pride 10% Sweet Feed - $10.00 each
1 - 50 lbs bag of Producers Pride All Grain - $10.00
1 - 50 lbs Bag of Producers Pride Alpha Pellets - $10.00

Total investment $50.00

Step 1 Get your three 50 gallon trash cans and place them next to each other.
Step 2 Divide the contents of each bag evenly among the three trash cans.
Step 3 Use the shovel to mix the contents thoroughly
Step 4 Fill a 2.5 gallon travel bucket and head to your favorite hunting area
Step 5 Spread out the mix like you would any other attractant, and wait for the deer to
come in

It is just that simple. I hope this little tip gives you the ability to spend more time afield and with more quality animals coming into to range.

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