Sitka 90% Jacket and Pants

Blake Hagemeier

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I've had the pleasure of wearing the Sitka 90% Jacket and Pants system for nearly three season now and have yet to find anything negative about the clothing. It is expensive, but has yet to show much sign of use even after hundreds of hours in the woods.

The system was designed for western hunting where the hunter is active, but I've found it to be great while whitetail hunting from a stand here in Illinois. I've been comfortable in temperatures ranging from 50-80 with just the 90% gear and a moisture wicking layer underneath. The jacket features zipper vents in the upper arm and arm pit areas which are great for venting heat during walking or the warmest of weather. It also has two side and two chest pockets which are great for carrying extra gear, gloves, and other accessories. The sleeves are tightened with a silent Velcro system for easy tightening and loosening. The pants have two side pockets for accessories and keep the gear to the sides of your legs preventing smashing when sitting down.

The material is whisper quiet. It has also been great about not picking up many stick tites which cover many farms here in Illinois. If some do happen to find their way onto it, they are easily brushed off. My set came in Realtree AP, and has shown no signs of fading, ripping, or lost seams. I consider the system waterproof, but I haven't personally used it in a downpour. My experience with it has only been in a steady light rain. After hunting in precipitation, the material dries much quicker than any other material I've worn.

It is marketed as being able to be used in 90% of hunting situations. I've used it in temperatures ranging from 30, with an extra base layer, to nearly 80 degrees. Conditions ranging from sunny to sleet, snow, and rain. The 90% system truly is usable 90% of the time. By simply adding an extra base layer I'm able to wear it in freezing temps.

It has been great not only whitetail hunting from a stand here in Illinois, but also in active western hunting climbing mountains while chasing elk. If you can afford it, I highly recommend picking it up. Even if you can't afford it, I'd start saving!

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