Badlands Whitetail Hybrid Pack Review

Blake Hagemeier

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I just returned from filming an 8 day drop camp Elk hunt in the mountains of Colorado.
During this trip I had the pleasure of using the Badlands Whitetail Hybrid backpack every day. The pack was used not only for packing in clothing and gear by horseback, but also daily for carrying food, water, gear, and camera equipment.

I purchased the pack for carrying my video camera, accessories, and tree arm to the whitetail stand, but had an opportunity to utilize it a little earlier than planned. Each day, I would tote 25-30 pounds through 6-10 miles of hiking up and down the mountains of the west. Bandlands Whitetail Hybrid Pack Due to the ample pockets, I was able to evenly distribute the weight throughout all areas of the pack. Each time I went to use the pack, I stumbled into a new pocket. It is marketed as having infinite pockets, and I truly found it to be a fact! Some of the packets are designed with magnetic closure systems. This is a great feature to have for quietly getting needed gear out when game is in close. It also comes equipped to carry a hydration bladder and run the spout our through one of the should straps leaving it conveniently placed close for utilization. This was my favorite feature of the pack due to the frequent need of water during our hikes.

The Whitetail Hybrid features both chest and lumbar straps with ample adjustments making it ideal for hunter of all sizes. Using both straps helps evenly distribute the weight of your gear and prevent soreness and should fatigue. This Badlands pack also has numerous straps for carrying gear on the outside of the pack. I utilized these for carrying extra clothes and also the tripod and head.

The pack carries a $200 price tag and I was hesitant at first to pay that for a pack. After just one day of use, I quickly realized it was well worth the money. The only aspect of it I would change is the inside panel that rests against your back. It is ribbed to help vent heat, but it failed to keep my back from sweating. Granted, daytime highs were in the 70's, but I would sweat even during the cool 30 degree mornings.

Even with an expensive price tag, the Whitetail Hybrid pack delivers! It worked great for carrying ample amounts of gear while preventing soreness and fatigue. Best of all, Badlands packs come with a lifetime warranty that will hopefully keep me from ever having to purchase another pack again.

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