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Over the years I’ve been fairly successful hunting whitetail deer with a compound bow. I’ve used fixed pin and pendulums sites throughout. I prefer pendulum sites but I’ve never found one that met all my requirements. Nor could they withstand the pressure I put on them to provide the perfect set up I’ve been looking for until now.

I prefer hunting from a treestand and the use of one pin. I have set my bow up to shoot out to 35 yards using a single pin. Over the years I don't remember taking a bow shot of more than 25 yards. It's just a personal preference and feeling of mine and a comfort level that too many things could happen between the time I release the arrow and the point of impact.

I also prefer the single pin concept which takes away the opportunity of holding the wrong pin on my target and taking out the guess work of knowing the exact distance from me to the target. Sometimes situations happen so fast that using a rangefinder isn't an option.

I’ve probably spent over five hundred dollars over the years on bow sites. There are many kinds of pendulum sites on the market today. I’ve been looking for a pendulum site for my bow for the past few years that meets my requirements. I have been unsuccessful finding a pendulum site that offers the optics, durability and noise level I’ve been looking for.

I’ve tried multiple pendulum sites over the years that just didn't meet my needs. Some could not withstand the shock of the bow I was using, some just didn't have the optics I was looking for, and others made just too much noise for my liking.

Truglo Pendulum Sight The Truglo Pendulum Fiber Optic Site is designed for those of us that hunt from a treestand. This is a single pin site that compensates for angles and distances from 1-35 yards at a minimum elevation of 15 feet. This site can be locked in and used from the ground as well if ground hunting is preferred. This site includes a leveling bubble that works great for those of us that have a tendency to cant our bows.

It is great for bow hunting from treestands. It is quiet, durable, and has outstanding optics. This site is reasonably priced by today's standards. This site is carried by various vendors making it readily available to interested parties.
This site takes minutes to install and a short amount of time to shoot in. I like the simplicity of this site. You don't need a degree in bow site technology to understand and operate this site. You can spend more time perfecting your shooting techniques and less time figuring out how it is supposed to work.

My overall impression of this site is very good. It meets all my requirements for bow hunting from the ground and specifically in a treestand.

For those of you looking for an alternative to fixed pin sites you are currently using or are not totally satisfied with the pendulum site you are currently using the Truglo Pendulum Fiber Optic Site might be a viable option.

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