Technology Is Not the Enemy

Rebecca Gicewicz

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Some people go to the woods to escape their technology, specifically their cell phone or pager. Personally I embrace my smart phone and think of it as a member of the family, so of course I bring her hunting. I know that hunting is viewed as a “back to basics” or the good old days type of activity. But I think that technology and smart phones certainly have their place in the hunting world. People certainly embrace technologies in other ways by using range finders that can automatically calculate the angle of incline or a GPS to help mark stand sites. So why shun the smart phone?

Now there are the purists, who like to hunt purely old school. Those people that only hunt with primitive weapons and do not take advantage of today's technologies but I am not one of those.

You may be that type of hunter that embraces technology, but wants to escape your cell phone and are glad when it says “no service”. I on the other hand am horrified if I don't have any bars. One of my favorite activities during a hunt is to gather all us girls in a BlackBerry chat room and communicate. We all get in there and comment on what we are seeing. And if I happen to be one of the unlucky ones who is getting skunked it is encouraging to know there are still deer in the woods. Missing can be one of the lowest lows of hunting and it is good to have support at that time. If I miss my girls rally around me, give me support and make me laugh. Just the same making a good shot on your chosen quarry can be one of the highest highs and who better to share it with than your hunting buddies. Today's technology allows you to send pictures of that downed buck or the crazy fox squirrel that is trying its best to get into your pack or show the girls your misflighted arrow that is 8 feet up in a tree, just out of reach. If your hunting buddy is close by you can alert them if it seems that game is coming their way. It is so much fun!

It is also nice to share a hunt, while you are at the office or maybe home sick. There have been times when one of my hunting buddies has been out in the woods and I was stuck at work. We were able to message back-and-forth and that allowed me to share in the hunt. Nothing is worse than being stuck at work on a crisp cool fall morning wondering if the deer are moving. Well having your buddy out in the woods giving you a detailed report is the next best thing. And when she scores on a deer, your humdrum workday just got better.

Recently I had the misfortune of spine shooting a buck. I immediately messaged my hunting buddy Kate, who was at work, for advice. She first told me to take a breath and settle down. I must admit I was feeling badly about my poorly placed shot. I got through the dilemma with Kate by my side (so to speak). We messaged back and forth several times and came up with a plan. I had to shoot him again, but the experience wasn't so bad because I had Kate to help me. Had I been alone the experience would have been much worse. Thanks to Kate and our mutual love of technology things weren't so bad.

Some people like the solace and the alone time that nature and hunting provides. I like that too but texting doesn't seem to be obtrusive to me. It is about sharing and fellowship with my hunting buddies. I am sure you have all had those days where you were cold, or hungry or bored and would like to find something to take your mind off the fact that you got up at dark thirty to brave the cold and haven't seen a stinkin deer! Well that's where texting comes into play for me. It helps to pass the time and make me forget about the cold or the hunger or whatever is trying to put a damper on my hunting time. It could also save your life. God forbid that an accident occurs, you can notify someone to come to your aid.

The smart phone technology can also help in other ways while hunting. There have been many times, where I have gotten on the internet weather page and checked out the up coming forecast and wind directions. You can use it to check the game laws in the area you are hunting or even update your Face Book status to announce that you just scored a big buck. That's what mobile downloads are for.

So as you can see I am one that embraces technology and enjoys using it freely in any hunting situation. From texting to pass the time of a slow hunting afternoon to sending out a picture of a big buck down I, think it's all good!

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