You Can't Afford Not to Hunt!

Rebecca Gicewicz

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These economic times are tough for all of us and we all need to make our dollars stretch as far as possible. For lots of us hunting is not only a means of recreation and relaxation but also a way to supplement the freezer.

We don't want to give up good lean venison and full tummies this winter. When times are tough and we are stressed out, giving up recreation isn't a good thing. Having that outlet helps us stay sane. I know that a weekend in the stand helps me recharge and recuperate and if I get some meat in the freezer……well then that is even better.

We may have to stay on a budget, but low cost hunting is totally doable. As mentioned in a previous post urban hunting or hunting in your own backyard may be a low cost option. That way you won't spend money on a lease or going to a lodge. Wildlife management areas and public land are always a thought too. Keeping the same boots, camo and weapon as last year will save some money too. Sure all of us wait with anticipation for the master sporting goods catalog of choice to come in the mail. We sit down and drool over all the latest and greatest gadgets on the glossy pages. We make a list and just can't wait to place our order. We chat with our hunting buddies and talk about the contents of the catalog as if we were children making out a Christmas list. Well maybe this year we may need to dial it down a little bit. Our money may be better spent on mortgage and groceries.

Even if we have to stay on budget, hunting is still going to be a blast. Nothing can replace the therapeutic effect of being one with nature. Getting to your stand sight in the dark, hearing the first birds awaken and start to sing, watching as the sun rises and brings the first dim rays of the day. The familiar crunch and cadence of a deer coming through the leaves towards you. Your heart rate jumps, you get a little shaky……you see antlers and you take aim. That harvest is still going to be just as satisfying whether you are in your same old boots, with the same old camo, shooting the same 5 year old bow. When you follow the blood trail and put your hands on those antlers none of that is going to matter. What matters is you got out into the woods, enjoyed the quiet of nature, the satisfaction of a well placed shot, the fellowship and stories of other hunters and the delicious meals you provided. That's what's important, and all of that is free! So make sure you get out there this year, you can't afford not to hunt.

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