The Buck Fever Vaccination

Rebecca Gicewicz

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If you are anything like me you are already looking forward to the upcoming archery season. I have been practicing my target shooting out in the yard. Out there I am in a controlled environment, taking my time, thinking about all aspects of the shot, deep concentration. And that is all fine and good, and of course a necessary fundamental for any good archer. Unfortunately all that seems to go out the window when a big buck comes into view. So how do we practice for that? I have a strategy.

It has happened to all of us…..the surge of adrenaline, the rubbery arms and legs, the uncontrolled breathing and the unsteady hand. That is the shot scenario we need to practice in order to be successful. So I try to mimic those buck fever symptoms. No I don't use any type of illicit drugs! My self induced buck fever comes from riding my spin bike. I get on the bike, stand up on the pedals and push my legs as fast as they will go. With my heart pumping, my legs feeling like spaghetti and trying to catch my breath I grab my bow and shoot. Practice makes perfect and if you make that type of shot second nature you will be that much more successful.

Be creative when inducing “buck fever”. Maybe you and your buddy can arm wrestle and then shoot to see who get closest to the bulls eye. Do as many pull ups as you can and then shoot, run a flight of stairs….whatever works. Give it a try and I hope it will help when that big freak nasty buck steps out broadside. You will have practiced the noodle arm shot and you will hit him right in the boiler room.

No need to go to the doctor for this vaccination, you can build up your own tolerance to the nasty buck fever germ. The more exposure to the illness the stronger you will get. It won't get rid of the symptoms but it will help you execute the shot. Besides we are all adrenaline junkies so we don't want to eliminate the symptoms we just want to control the outcome and shoot straight!

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