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As we sit in the summer heat we realize that many states will be open for archery hunting in just a few short days, 60-80 days to be more “roughly” exact. Many states today have some sort of lull between open seasons, and some of you might be considering an out of state trip…

Oklahoma Whitetail Deer Hunting Oklahoma might have the opportunities you’ve been looking for. Oklahoma hosts a lengthy archery season that runs from October 1st through January 15th. During this time you may bowhunt provided you have bought the proper licenses and tags. There are also times during this season that primitive firearms and modern firearms seasons are also open and overlap. Throughout much of this time you are allowed to pursue, turkeys, whitetails, mule deer, black bear, and antelope in respective areas along with a few opportunities to hunt elk with your bow. The entire state also harbors a growing number of “wild”, or better deemed as feral hogs, which are always exciting to hunt.

Out of state tags are available, but can be pricey and securing areas to hunt your desired game is always a concern. So if you’re considering a trip to hunt Oklahoma's 7 species of animals along with 3 sub species of wild turkeys, planning is key. Before one would totally consider making a trip to Oklahoma I would consult the states wildlife departments’ website for season dates so you can plan exactly when and where you would like to hunt. To get to the site it's a relativity easy website to remember it is simply www.wildlifedepartment.com .

A guide service is also an option and may make your trip more enjoyable and/or successful. They will also be able to give you a heads up on the draw system that would allow you to draw a tag for next year. After viewing your opportunities on the Wildlife Departments’ website, a quick search should turn up many outfitters throughout the state who can help you with your trip. Another option is trying to find your own personal contact in the state. On the state website you can also find a list of Game wardens and phone numbers that will be able to assist and guide you through the task of setting up your trip.

Oklahoma Hog HuntingOur pre rut for whitetails typically falls during the last weeks of October. The peak rut varies year to year but normally occurs around November 13-17th. The post rut can also a be lengthy and productive time to be in the woods! I personally have rattled in deer the day after Christmas with swollen necks and ready for a fight. This past season the scrapes in my hunting area were still being tended well into January. This gives you a wide range of hunting opportunities over a vast window of time. The region you decide to hunt will dictate the wildlife and species you will be able to hunt. In the south east corner of the state you will be in whitetail country along with Eastern turkeys and wild hogs. As you move north you will be in whitetail country still. but mixed with Rio's and once again hogs. Travel to the far west and you will be in a mix of whitetails and Mule deer, Rio's, some antelope, and still hogs.

As you reach the “panhandle” you will be in huge whitetail country and mule deer country and isolated Merriam's as well as Rio's. Most elk hunts are draw only with only a few counties open only by landowner permission. The black bear hunts are only in the southeast counties and only open until a “quota” is reached three counties were open last year with a 20 bear quota and only 17 were harvested. This is only a brief overview of what the great “Indian territory” has to offer. If you’re in a state where there will be a “break” in the season you might consider a trip to good ole’ Oklahoma U.S.A to fill your down time and harvest an animal that may not be available to you back “home”. Regardless of your plans and hunting season keep Oklahoma in mind for an out of state trip.

-good luck hunting and “may god guide your bullets and arrows making them fly true!”

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