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Chris Pulchny

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Well here we are in that hot thing we call summer. I don't know about the rest of you but I’d much rather it be fall or winter and cold, you can always put on more clothes to be warmer. But- in the summer you can only take so much off! So you find yourself, if you’re anything like me drooling over back issues of hunting magazines, and watching the same DVD's and videos over and over again, that you have seen so many times that you know the script you can call the exact time of the shot, recite the reaction the deer has from the shot, then narrate the dialogue the hunter will have with the cameraman. All while sitting in the air conditioning waiting until evening for long shadows and lower temperatures to go out and shoot your bow or gun.

I set out my camouflage and go through pockets finding “treasures” from last season, this can range from cash from the gas station you stopped at for coffee every morning to the other side of that set of gloves that there only seems to be one of. Then washing the gear in scent free detergent and putting it in those huge Ziploc bags and the huge plastic containers just to stack it back in the closet for a few more months. Then on to tweaking and tuning of grunt calls, checking the strings on rattling antlers, and decoy parts. Putting as much bow string wax as possible on your bow string almost enough to seem; obsessive compulsive. And the same string wax onto the threads of field tips to keep them tight through practice rounds. Then pulling cards out of trail cameras to erase the images you don't think you want to keep anymore to free up room for all the pictures you will be getting soon! Take a good inventory of your gear that you will need opening day, as well as the whole season. You don't want to be that guy running out to buy broad-heads the day before season. Just like black powder and sabots, or rounds for your rifle.
Get it all now while the shelves are full and you don't have to settle for the left over equipment. Get what you need and want now! If you wait you may not get anything my own father is the worst about this. He will call me the night before an opening day and ask “what were those sabots or bullets I shot last year and what kind of primers does my gun use .209 or #11 percussion caps?” “Then he goes on well those aren't here what else can I shoot?” Finally I reassure him I have some I ordered for him months ago since, I knew this was going to happen. Then he says he's going to “sight in” his gun. And I ask how with no loads or rounds? And he explains he will just put it on the bore sighter…. This disappoints me every time. But somehow his gun seems to stay on even after the rough truck rides and the lack of cleaning since the last time it was shot. How does this happen? I guess it's like me, if I didn't have bad luck I wouldn't have any at all and he only has good luck.

Then I show up for a hunt and dad is dressed in his Carharts, the only camouflage on his body is a camouflage blaze hat and vest. But regardless it doesn't matter he will be in an enclosed blind with a heater on him in a swiveling office chair on a feeder with a food plot surrounding it. He will see deer usually more than me, not the same caliber of deer, but he still will ask on the ride home why I hike the three miles to my stand in the back corner of the 1400 acres… I can only laugh and smile because I know it will pay off eventually, hopefully.

But the point I’m trying to stress here is to not procrastinate on preparing for season even if you don't bow hunt and you will be waiting on that first chance to carry a firearm to the woods make sure your equipment is present and accounted for. Get ready for that great time of the year when the temperatures drop and the bucks’ necks begin to swell. This is all happening while we sit in the air conditioning and dream about big racks and cold mornings that make us all brothers in the ultimate brotherhood “Hunters”.

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