OakSturdy Portable Tree Stand Hanger

B. Wikman

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Too many of us risk our safety and well being by scaling ladders, sticks, or screw-in steps with a bulky hunk of aluminum strapped to our back. Let me describe the typical scenario, at least of how my past risky rendezvous unfolded…

As I monkey my way up the tree, my hang-on stand's slapped to my back gouging my shoulder blades and ripping into my skin, while sweat drips off my nose. I tirelessly reach the mountaintop of my climb and gasp for a breather. My breather doesn't last long enough considering my fingers go numb from death-clenching nearby limbs and the oversized tree trunk. Portable Tree Stand Hanger by OakSturdy

At this point, my life is miserable. I’ve got one arm around the tree. One arm grasping the hang-on stand and my body's blowing in the breeze with a heavy-duty ratchet strap in my chompers. Now, imagine my tangled body twisted in the limbs trying to heave this hang-on stand against the tree. Not good. I figured that this is not only the most dangerous, but also the biggest hillbilly rig shindig a hunter could ever do. That is until I found my saving grace… Oak Sturdy hunting products.

Bill Copus, owner of Oak Sturdy hunting products, has a new variety of consumer tested, hunter approved outdoor gear that's practical and works! Today, I’m only harping on his tree stand pulley-system. This system is the bottom-line answer for hunters who are looking for a smart, silent, and savvy way to hang a stand. The tree stand pulley-system is virtually a weightless tool! The strength is thanked to a gob of machined precision beauty that will crank even your heaviest homemade stand contraption!

Portable Tree Stand Hanger with Stand The simple and super quick step-by-step stand hanging process takes only minutes. In fact, it is actually faster to hang a stand using the pulley-system than having to acrobat the stand 20-feet high and hang it yourself. All a person must do is climb his ladder or sticks and ratchet the tree stand pulley-system into place. Once the system is securely fastened around the trunk, climb down. The heavy-duty braided rope that's included must be tied around the stand. Once a knot holds the stand in place, effortlessly pull the rope and watch your stand blast-off into the limbs. The system features an automatic self-locking component that saves you from having to hold the stand in place. Once your stand reaches your desired position, climb the sticks, and ratchet your stand down without ever having to actually hold onto the stand!

I’ve had the privilege to meet Copus, the ingenious inventor himself. His attitude demands quality accessories for hardcore hunters looking to practically improve their success in the field. There's no smoke-and-mirrors here, just simply a hand crafted, brilliant idea, that makes yours and my life easier!

Be sure to check out his entire line of easy-to-use products that work at www.oaksturdy.com.

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