GlenDel Full Rut 3D Target Review

Chris Pulchny

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It's that time of year the Bow's need to come out of their cases and the cables checked for flaws/ damage. Strings waxed, arrows examined, replaced or re-fletched. Now! Bow season opens nationwide anywhere from 3-6 months depending on the game you’re chasing. Regardless, you owe that animal the upmost respect by being able to place your arrow right through the vitals for a quick and efficient kill.

For most, your practice shots will be taken at some type of bag or block type target. I have never shot at many 3D targets in my career, a few but none that impressed me at all. Arrow removal was always difficult and the anatomy of many targets has always been about as good as a three year old could draw with a crayon. I recently became the owner of a brand new Glenn Del Full Rut target.

In my opinion, this target is amazing with few flaws. First, let's begin with the shooting surface. The vital zone is a removable, replaceable four sided (see image below) block type target with appropriate sized vitals for whitetails nationwide regardless of the “deer's” overall size. The deer itself has a huge body. The detachable antlers seem very large to most hunters. On the hoof he/she would be a 200 pound or more whitetail. With the antlers attached you’re shooting at a 145’’-155’’ deer. This should help most of us with that buck fever that sets in when this caliber of an animal is headed toward our stand. Glendel Full Rut 3D Target

This target is appropriate for shooting from the ground as well as from an elevated “stand, type” position. With the vitals being a block type target you can “shoot up” one side and then just rotate it to a new position. So far, I myself, along with help; from a few friends have put nearly 400 arrows into one side of the vitals, both field tips and broad heads, fixed and mechanical. And the self healing material is holding up better than anyone could ever believe. For equipment tested on the target. As far as bows/arrows it has been shot with both my Matthews Switchback at 70lbs and my Matthews FX at 65lbs. As well as a friends Mathews Mission Menace at 40 lbs. in addition a 62 inch 50 Pound Ben Pearson recurve. I have also put about 60 ceader arrows out of my Fred bear 70 inch 55 pound 1951 long bow into the target. Minus the ceader arrows all other arrows that have been released into the target were Gold Tip 5575 “hunters”. The tips have all been 100 grains minus the ones from my long bow which are 125 grains.

As for broad heads that have been shot, they have ranged from three and four blade 100 grain Muzzy broad heads to 100 grain rage mechanicals, then the hunting tips from my long bow are custom made “traditional” two edged “arrowheads”. Glendel Full Rut 3D Target

As you can tell this has been an extensive “testing” of the quality of the target. My goal was to test this target for every archer who may be in the market for a new target, from traditionalist to new comer. Trust me it is a big step up from your typical round bale or bag type target. The only disadvantage I have found is if the target is hit in places it isnt meant to be, legs, head, etc, arrow removal can be tough. I believe this is just a part of 3D target shooting, but none the less. Other than that, arrow removal is a breeze.

As of this writing I have not had the target long enough to say it has lasted for years, but if the self healing I have seen thus far is any indication I believe years of use is almost gaurenteed! If you’re in the market, be sure to take the GlenDel Full Rut into consideration!

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