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Chris Pulchny

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Do you ever find yourself in a position where you need a gift for someone for something special? Well I found myself in such a position where in fact my best friend was marrying his fiancé, whom is also a close friend of mine. Being so close to these two people I knew I couldn't go to one of the places they had registered at and just say um, that one!

Ammohead Designs .308 Pen It had to be something special, something that showed the unity of their marriage something that “put them together”. You already know where I’m going with this, it was an impossible task! Then I hit pay dirt I ran across a Face Book page “Ammo Head design”. The two marrying are both avid outdoorsmen and woman. The groom had built his own rifle from scratch a .338 federal, and he loves it. The bride shoots a 7mm-08 that was a Christmas gift from the groom a year or two ago and she loves this gun. She had to be the first one to shoot it and the first to hunt with it no “if ands or buts”.

Ammohead Designs His As I mulled over the face book page I came across the fact that Ammo Head builds custom writing pens out of antler and spent shell cases and claimed to be able to do any caliber requested. So I wrote inquiring about the two calibers, the cost and how long it would take to have them finished. The price was right and the length of time was fine, so I placed my “order” only a day later to find out that the wedding (I was in! was June 5th not July 5th!). So in a panic I messaged intending on canceling my order but was told the pens could be done in the short time span that was left and over-night shipped from the state of Washington to Oklahoma in time for the wedding! I could not believe this! Someone was willing to work harder than necessary to satisfy the customer! How often does that happen in the age and time we live in!?

I was even E-mailed pictures of the product before they were shipped to make sure I was satisfied! Wow dedication none the less if you ask me. I will share with you all the pictures of the finished product now.

Ammohead Designs hersAs you can tell these were beautifully crafted in a short amount of time! Not only does Ammo Head Design do pens but also custom knives. Custom camouflaged European mounts, make any skull a “trophy”, custom paint gun stock finishing, natural gunstock finishing and much more. Visit their site at to see examples of all they can and will do. The owner Doyle Wheeler is extremely kind, crafted and skilled guy you can reach him through the website or facebook page. Also you can contact Doyle by phone at 509-435-6805.

Just remember the next time you’re looking for that perfect “gift” for yourself or a friend the information I have just shared with you, remember this! Ammohead Designs Boxed

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