Turkey seasons at a glance

Chris Pulchny

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Turkey seasons at a glance, every states wildlife department is different. I don't know how every state models its turkey seasons.

But Oklahoma has a very good basic concept of when to host the spring season and how to limit fall bag totals. As for the fall; turkeys are open all of archery season- October 1st through January 15th. hunters’ can take a tom or hen during the fall season this allows some of us to bring home our own bird for Thanksgiving or even Christmas. There are a number of counties with in the state that are open to fall gun hunting, this can be a shotgun, a modern rifle or muzzle loader whatever you prefer to take down you bird within the counties gun hunting is allowed in, as far as rifles go one can hunt with as small as a .22 magnum. However it does seem that most of the state is only open to archery turkey hunts in the fall.

Once spring rolls around and the breeding action starts to heat up everyone is getting ready for the next chance to spend time in the woods and the Oklahoma wildlife department has placed the spring season shotgun and archery only, to open AFTER the peak of breeding yes that's right I said after. Now some of you are scratching your heads wondering why they do that and how in the world do we every kill a bird in the spring here in Oklahoma?! Well the season is placed that way to insure at least “some” hens get bred and nest as early as possible to beat out spring rains that flood nest and drown poults’. Hunting after the peak of breeding Therefore creates a larger flock next year. Hunting after the peak of breeding allows a hunter to call in a tom that is just looking for that one extra hen to pass his seed along to. There are fewer toms that will be hung up with hens, maybe not so much early in the season; there is still a lot of breeding that occurs at this time. But as the season grows shorter so does the amount of available ladies. Just like on a night out on the town the closer it come to closing time the less likely you are to meet a “hen” ha, ha. Well this is the time of the season that most hunters have wore off all their boot leather and have put their weapons back in storage till the next time they need them. So that leaves the door wide open for the real turkey hunters to get in and do some work on these; love sick toms. Sometimes the late season hunting is hot, and then sometimes you’d think there isn't a bird for a hundred miles. But thanks to a nearly month long season April 6th-may 5th there is plenty of time to limit out with your Oklahoma bag. Well regardless of when your season opens or what state/states you hunt in keep your waddles on the bead and your bird in the bag.

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