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The annual outbreak of tradeshow season has dawned upon the outdoor industry. An array of business ideas, streamlined marketing approaches, and networking casts beams of brilliance, creativity, and imagination throughout the public and companies alike.

Last week I attended a regional sporting expo in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, where a few incredible businesses introduced new and inspirational products for 2010. The development of launching fresh brands, trendy designs, and quality goods is by no means an easy task, but rather a near impossible feat in such a saturated market.

During the weekend I had the opportunity to speak with an array of dynamic business owners who all seemed to share a compelling common link. They provide an enlightening viewpoint to consumers with their innovative goods and astute knowledge of the industries strengths and weaknesses.

“We’ve created not only a brand, but more importantly a lifestyle. Rut Junkie Apparel fits the personality of a true hardcore, 24/7 outdoor enthusiast. A person that's hip, trendy, and isn't afraid of fashion. It's a vitalizing and refreshing look to a clothing product category that's incredibly smudged with dull and dreary styles,” says owner, Dan Schafer. Rut Junkie Apparel

Schafer seized the opportunity to trampoline his business into the outdoor marketplace with a strong sense of contemporary fad famous fashion. The premium line of trademarked apparel embarks the notorious look of Affliction Clothing Inc., twisted with a modern outdoorsy edge. Schafer's garment lineup blends fitted t-shirts and long sleeves with a craze of graphically intense screen prints, foils, and discharged inks.

After speaking with numerous Rut Junkie bearing buyers at the show, it was obvious to see that this new craze of men and women's fashion is here to stay! You may find a shirt that suits your style at

Hanging with the Rut Junkie crowd was killer, but after drifting toward the complete opposite side of the building, it wasn't long until I discovered the best blind in business. Let me introduce you to Blind Ambition's Bale Blinds.

Tim and Tony Noll of Cross Plains, Wisconsin built a reputation on fabricating creativity with originality. They’ve spawned birth to an ingenious custom hunting blind that basically looks, smells, and feels like Old-McDonald's very own round bale. Blind Ambition Bale Blinds add opportunities to your hunting season. The portable aluminum-framed blind maximizes your ability to get within touching distance to wild game. Plopping these blinds into a food plot, adjacent to fence jump, or along the woods on an instants notice assures the hunter incredible killing power. Mr. Noll was excited to explain the secrets of success behind their highly praised development.

Rut Junkie Apparel

“Outdoors people are absolutely sick of spooking mature whitetail into the next county. They realize there recently purchased $150 pop-up hunting blind has about as much merit in the field than a longbow hunter plucking ducks out of the sky.” He continued, “The wise whitetail hunters across the United States finally now understand the mere success ratios of hunting from flimsy, off-colored, bonehead blinds. The Blind Ambition Bale Blinds throw down an entirely different armament. They can be placed into an open field the same day as your hunt without bugging bucks. Deer are used to natural sightings, such as farm machinery, tractors, and round bales.”

Blind Ambitions Bale Blinds

The Noll's knack for perfection is easily illustrated throughout their innovative design. Their inspiration for building the best blind for a savvy bow, gun, video, or camera hunter is embraced from a simple problem-solution approach. Hunters were tired of being picked off by white-flagging whitetail while hunting in the obtrusive and boxy blinds. The Noll's produced a quick substitute of providing the hunter with a concealment that deer, turkey, antelope, geese and an array of other different game species are used to, a round bale.

Blind Ambitions Bale Blinds

The black-interior blind features a 34-inch door accessible for wheel chair access, 73-inches of headroom, and a built-in waterproof technology to ensure your warm and cozy during extreme weather conditions. You may find more information about this incredible killing-machine at

The first day of the tradeshow blossomed with a stirring excitement from the attendees and joyous contributions from the vendors. I will be reporting on further new and interesting products from the show within the next few upcoming journals.

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