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Smoke Armstrong

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The T.R.U. Ball Pro Diamond is a caliper release that has a fully adjustable trigger to fit your hand and a sensitivity adjustment enabling you to set the trigger as you see fit. It has a 360° swivel for a torque-free draw. It‘s lightweight and very durable. I’ve been using one for about 10 years now.

I chose the Pro Diamond a while back to help fix a punching the trigger problem I had with my wrist release. A friend of mine recommended that I change the style of my release to solve the problem. I’m glad I did, it was purely luck that I chose the Pro Diamond. It has been a smooth shooting and quiet release for me.

I actually use this release for hunting. This release is an excellent option to use in field archery competition. T.R.U. makes a camouflage wrist strap for hunting purposes if you so desire.

This release has had a direct impact on my shooting accuracy, whether it be while practicing or hunting I’ve been more successful hitting the 10 ring and vitals as a result. The cool thing about using this release in a hunting situation is that you just hook it to your bow when you get in your stand and leave it there until you make the shot or leave the stand.

This release is ideal for those of you who enjoy bow hunting in the late season when the temperatures are below freezing. You can keep your draw hand in your pocket or in a nice warm cold weather glove and pull it out just in time to take the shot at mister big.

I think this is one of the best releases out there with a very affordable price tag. The thumb release is ready when you are. Not only is it easy to use, it is very safe. I highly recommend using this release with a loop on your bow string.

The feel of the release is very secure when drawing the bow. This release accommodates many different sizes of hunters. My son uses my release with no adjustments.

This product is perfect for bow hunters that are just beginning as well as those who have been hunting for many years. Whether you’re hunting or 3D shooting this is a perfect all around release.

I highly recommend this product. Save yourselves the frustration of trying to find the right release from all those options on the market and go with the Pro Diamond you won't be disappointed.

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