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My daughter came home for spring break from college. She told me it might be time to do some spring cleaning. Most of her class mates went to Florida. She had other plans that included a list. My name was all over it. I was thinking I wished she liked Florida more than my house right now.

The first line item looked the easiest so I got a step ladder and started washing all the indoor window panes in the loft of my home. Looking out those cleaned windows made me wonder about being outside. She told me to stay inside and concentrate. She went and attacked a down stairs storage closet.

When I got the glass clean I started to wash out the window sills and there I ran into some relic long since deceased house flies. I tossed them in the garbage and that got me thinking about maybe cleaning up a fly box or two for trout. About that time my daughter came into the living room and told me to turn on the ceiling fan. She is fully aware of my short attention span.

I turned on the ceiling fan in my living room and it sent severed leaf fronds all over the area rugs. Im sure if I would have looked before I hit the on switch for the fan this new fresh mess wouldn't have occurred, but it didn't occur to me that all winter those peace lilies would have grown so tall. With somewhere around fifty indoor house plants it never occurred to me that one plant, all winter, had gone jack in the bean stalk on me, but it did.

She went for a broom. I headed for the door. She headed me off.

Well from cleaning up by the ceiling to now sweeping the floral covered floor I sort of spotted some lint my darlin daughter calls dust bunnies under the sofa. She said if we didn't get rid of these bunnies, they make take over the house floor.

She helped me move the couch, and there, low and dust covered, hidden by a dust ruffle like a little treasure chest sat a lure box I thought I’d lost two years ago. I hit my knees and scooped the hallowed box up.

Here was tray full's of some of my old standbys that had the past summer off. I felt like I won the powerball. Talk about striking gold. I mean what a find. Long lost lures that believe you me, I looked, searched for, and had long since given up on and who knew that just inches from me and my weary fishing feet lay the treasured trove. I was thrilled. I opened the box and went through them, each and every one of them.

I told my little angel faced house keeper how happy I was that she suggested we do some spring cleaning. Honey, this really turned out to be a great idea. I started to show her some of the lures as she shoved me the vacuum cleaner. She said stay with it dad, you never know what else you’ll find in here.

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