Silent Seat, Replacement Treestand Seat

Smoke Armstrong

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I’ve been looking for a quiet comfortable cost efficient seat solution for my climbing stand over the past few years. I am a bow hunter and have been unsatisfied with bulky factory padded seats for a long time. They take up to much platform space. They’re too noisy at times and to cumbersome when it comes to bow hunting.

I wanted something that would be as noise free as possible as well as something that could be moved out the way if necessary while getting ready to take a shot with my bow.

Have you ever been caught by a whitetail deer that seemed to come out of no where. My old treestand seats prevented me from making a move no matter how high I was in the tree. Silent Seat has come up with the answer.
The Silent Seat is a hammock style treestand seat designed to replace bulky padded treestand seats. This seat comes in three models one is for treestands that have a tapered back frame like the design of Summit Treestands. The other design is for square back frame treestands like API and the last model is for the Lone Wolf sit and climb treestand.

This seat is for square back frame treestands that have a 24 inch wide seat frame. Each seat is treated to protect against ultra violet rays and rot. This seat does not absorb water.

It is great for bow hunting. It is quiet and maneuverable to enable full use of the platform. This seat is extremely comfortable and very lightweight. It absorbs very little odor. It also provides a cooler alternative when hunting during the hotter months of the year and a more spacious alternative when hunting in cold weather with all your extra clothing.

This seat takes less than 5 minutes to install. It usually took me a couple minutes just to set up my seats when I got to the height I wanted to hunt from.

You basically tie both ends of the netting together using a square knot. You want to start by laying the upper part of your climbing stand upside down. Then you align/evenly space the netting across the stand with the black band toward the front of the stand.

Next you start at the back of the Silent Seat by aligning squares to be tied together. After securing all the knots, trim cord or rope used to tie the knots. You can heat and melt the ends to avoid fraying.

My overall impressions of this seat are good it is very comfortable, which is ideal for those all day hunts. It's very compact and lightweight. It meets all my requirements for bow hunting. It is very quiet which was one of the key selling features for me and the price is right.

For those of you looking for an alternative to the heavy padded seats that are on the market today, the Silent Treestand Seat comes highly recommended. With a price between 20 and 25 dollars you can't go wrong by giving this stand a try.

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