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Chris Pulchny

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Every year there are a few of us turkey hunters that think a little about how awesome it would be to complete a grand slam on the 4 subspecies of wild turkeys or a royal slam taking 5 of the subspecies. This involves taking an Eastern wild turkey, a Rio Grande turkey, a Merriam wild turkey, a Goulds’ wild turkey and an Osceola wild turkey for a royal slam but for a grand slam you only need four of the sub species all of the five with the exception of the Goulds.

Now I bring this consideration to you. How many of you are aware that you could make a trip to Oklahoma and take three of these different subspecies of turkey!? The Eastern is vastly abundant as well as the Rio Grande, then the Merriam, that's a whole new story they reside in isolated populations in mostly the northern panhandle area of the state. To harvest a Merriam a guide would be your best bet but for the other two the large amounts of public lands we are blessed with would give you a good chance at a do it yourself hunt.

I myself having always lived in Oklahoma have made it 2/3 of the way to a state slam I might have to make a trip west to the panhandle to get my feet wet with the Merriam's soon! Depending on where you leave from Oklahoma could be your first or last stop during your season to complete your “slam” royal or grand. To find an Osceola you will need to travel to Florida. And for the Goulds’ you’re going to have to travel west to states such as New Mexico or Arizona or even across the border into northern Mexico. I think a grand slam season would be awesome if you start your season here in Oklahoma and end up with a cold drink in your hand on a beach in Florida! Great spring if I do say so myself!

Turkey Hunting Success

Now if you’re the real ambitious type and want to spend some time in a South America jungle you could attempt a world slam along with a grand slam you only will need to harvest an Ocellated turkey these birds are gorgeous looking more like a peacock to me, than a turkey. But regardless this would be an amazing feat. one of my doctors actually accomplished this last spring all birds taken with a muzzle loading shotgun, he said he had to make it just a little more interesting… Good for him but I think if I ever try I’ll tote my old turkey killing 835. Why change a good thing? I’ve even named my gun the turkey head jelly maker. That might be a little much but nearly every bird I’ve glued the sights to with this gun has found his way to the freezer! Well fellow turkey hunters if you decide to attempt a grand slam keep Oklahoma in mind as a starting spot and good luck in Florida! I hope those 3 ½ inch loads do their jobs and your aim is true! Good luck this spring guys.

Double Turkey Hunting Success

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