Lorpen Socks with STOP Technology

Steve Johnson

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Scent eliminating socks using STOP technology. Ok, let me be the first to say I was a little skeptical when I walked up to the Lorpen Booth at the ATA Show this year. I had spoke to a rep from Lorpen who asked me to stop by and check out their new line of hunting socks which eliminate foot odor for hunters. As I said, I was skeptical to say the least, however intrigued.

Upon first glance, the socks look and feel like any other high end hunting sock that I have in my “hunting sock drawer” (yes that's a real drawer). However, these socks are much different then any thing I have seen or used.

When I arrived at the booth, I was handed a plastic bowl with a lid and asked to smell it. Smelled like nothing. The rep then grabbed a spray bottle which had ammonia in it, sprayed the plastic bowl and said “don't get too close, but smell this”. Of course you couldn't get near the bowl, the smell was so strong. After that, he took out a pair of the socks with STOP technology and turned one inside out. The STOP is applied to the inside of the sock, obviously where the odors start and just looks like some sort of coating on the inside. He took the sock and wiped off the ammonia inside the bowl put the sock in the bowl and put the lid on it.

After setting the bowl down, we walked over to the rack of socks and checked out the many different styles they offer from liners to heavy wool socks. It was barely 2 minutes and we moved back to the bowl. In my mind, I am thinking there is no way that smell would be gone from inside that bowl, but I am going to entertain the idea anyway. When we opened the bowl and took a whiff, not only could I get close to it, I couldn't smell anything. The smell was gone, there was nothing. Not even a lingering slight smell AND the sock was wet from the ammonia.

HOWEVER, as stated earlier I am a skeptic and not too much on magic, so I figured there was some chemical sprayed on those socks specifically for killing the smell of ammonia. So I took a pair of socks with me for my own testing.

After being in my boots all day, my feet smell I’ll admit that, but I like to really put things to the test. So my feet would not be the ultimate test, nope those would be my brothers feet. My brother is a paid firefighter and wears his boots for 24 hours straight! A real test for these socks would be killing the smell of those feet after wearing his boots for 24 hours! Although not really what these socks were designed for, but hey, broadheads are not designed to shoot through 55 gallon steel drums either. Yes this would really test what these socks can do,

I handed him the socks the day before his shift, told him the same story you just read, he rolled his eyes and went on his way. The next day he wore the socks which I might add were the heaviest pair they make, not exactly the proper choice for the given circumstances.

Next day I got a call saying that not only did his feet NOT smell, but it killed the smell of his boots as well! Now I am not 100% sure exactly how STOP technology works, but I am 100% sure that is does! It works so well that every firefighter on his team now has a pair that they wear to cut down on smell in the sleeping area (I can't imagine how that smelled before Lorpen socks, haha).

So my testing of these socks has made me a firm believer. If you want to kill odor during your hunting adventures, Lorpen Socks with STOP technology are the answer!

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