Ground Blind Hunting Whitetail Deer

Smoke Armstrong

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I enjoy hunting whitetail deer from ground blinds. Hunting deer from a blind has become very popular in my area. They provide the perfect setup for those of us that enjoy all day hunts, as well as those of us that enjoy hunting in the rain. Hunting out of a ground blind provides both comfort and camouflage especially in the late season when camouflage and climate become a challenge.

Being secluded inside a ground blind offers the opportunity to bundle up with heavy clothing. When I first notice a deer approaching it's easy to sit back into the blind, remove bulky clothes and pick up a bow to prepare for a shot. I leave one, maybe two windows open for shooting. These blinds are also ideal for taking youth's hunting. All the fidgeting and movement that comes with a 12, 13, or 14 year old can be concealed in the confines of the blind. I’ve even brought a sleeping bag for my 9 year old that enabled him to rest up for prime time during those all day hunts with dad.

There are many kinds of blinds on the market today. Most of these blinds are light-weight; offer some protection from the elements, easily transportable, and easily erected. I find that ground blinds are probably second in effectiveness behind treestands. One of the biggest advantages of hunting whitetail deer from a ground blind is that they are mobile, and come in many different styles.

I’ve used a number of ground blinds over the years from manufacturers such as Ameristep, Hunter Specialties, and Double Bull. Blinds usually are water and wind resistant. Ground blinds are offered in a wide variety of camouflage patterns. Most pop up blinds are equipped with shoot through mesh, or windows for shooting opportunities.
I also enjoy hunting from natural blinds like blow downs, brush, trees, and other natural cover. Once you have found an area where the deer are traveling, look to build the blind on the down wind side of the trail with the sun at your back if at all possible. Be sure to bring the chair you plan to use along to insure you construct the blind to the correct height. I like to brush the blind to look as natural as possible. Using pine or cedar branches will provide ample cover scent.

No matter if you’re hunting from a natural blind or a store bought blind the most important tool in my opinion is the chair or stool you will be using. It must be durable, light weight, flexible, and provide maximum rotation.
When building a natural blind or placing a store bought blind it's important to do it a couple of weeks to a month prior to the hunt. Deer are aware of their surroundings. The more time the blind is in place prior to the hunt the better your chances for a bagging mister big. If you haven't had a chance to try it yet, I highly recommend hunting from a blind. It gives you an entirely different perspective than hunting from a treestand.

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Wow...I also enjoy hunting from natural blinds like blow downs....:)

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