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Being a hunter before a shooter, I wasn't prepared for the details that can be considered when choosing which firearm and bullet combo to take on a chosen hunt. The Firearms Multimedia Guide is probably built for people who are considered “shooters” rather then hunters, but since its easy to understand and use, I believe it has a place in both worlds.

This DVD is packed with information on over 41,000 firearms from 345 manufacturers. Each model has high-res photos that can be zoomed to even the smallest detail. Speaking of details, everything from size and weight to different finishes, stock types and materials is available on every make and model.

After you think you know every detail you could possibly want to know about a specific firearm, you find that each firearm is directly linked to the ammo they use. From there you can find details on ballistic specifications and stopping power for the different rounds available.

Firearms Multimedia Guide DVD

One of the highlights of this DVD has to be its search ability. You can quickly find a chosen make and model of just about any firearm imaginable, but let say you aren't quite sure what you’re looking for but you know what you want. So an example might be you want a Pistol in 45 ACP that's made in USA with a polymer frame and stainless slide finish. And you want it to have an accessory rail and you’re willing to spend $500 - $1,000. You put all these details into the Firearms Multimedia Guide DVD and you’d see there are 7 pistols that fit this criterion. No disrespect to the guy behind the gun counter, but I’m pretty sure these details don't just roll off the tongue… Not to mention the details found with each pistol in the results.

Firearms Multimedia Guide DVD

As I said at the beginning, I am a hunter before a shooter, but this DVD has some really great information including over 500 printable range targets. Its all presented in an easy to use and navigate format. If you are interested in firearms or hunt with a gun at all, this DVD is for you. The more we know about our weapon of choice the more proficient we can become with it.

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