Whitetail Deer Hunting Dynamic

Smoke Armstrong

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When planning and preparation meet opportunity, is it luck or destiny when it comes to hunting whitetail deer. It's my opinion that it's a little bit of both. In my 35 years of hunting whitetail deer I’ve evolved from little or no planning and preparation to where I am today which some would consider over planning and preparation.

My rationale for writing this article is based on my personal experience during the 2009 hunting season and the luck and good fortune that came my way. My season started off not so well. I was inflicted with a tic born virus and a mosquito born bacteria which resulted in me being sedated during the months of September and October. I was admitted to inpatient therapy at the beginning of November for a three week rehabilitation program. You wouldn't believe it but some of my first thoughts were how I was going to get healthy enough to hunt the rut. Well to make a long story short it wasn't meant to be and I wasn't physically able to hunt until the first week of December.

On the 4th of December is where more luck than planning and preparation came my way. I started off the evening hunt going to a hedge row between two fields that I always wanted to hunt. As I walked down the hedge row trying to find a spot where I could shoot either field from the hedgerow should the opportunity present itself. About 100 yards down the hedgerow I jumped 10 deer bedded down. I had the feeling of just blowing the opportunity to successfully hunt this area and decided to relocate. With no planning or preparation for the new location I was heading to, I thought that this afternoon hunt would be more of a scouting trip than a successful hunt. Boy was I wrong.

Deer movement started to pick up after about an hour of setting up against a cedar tree overlooking a winter wheat field. I had about 20 deer, mostly does, some small bucks grazing about 200 yards away. Although it was entertaining it sure didn't get my blood boiling. As the evening went on deer started popping out all over the place. None within gun range. At five o’clock everything changed and it all happened in a matter of seconds not minutes. I heard crashing through the brush behind me, as I turned two does ran by me at arms length nearly running me over. They didn't see me and had no idea I was there. It only took about five seconds to figure out why.

Next Mister big came crashing through the brush behind me. He went past me at about two arm lengths. He was herding the does like they were cattle. I started grunting at the buck to make him stop, there was no way I could get my gun up and make a shot as fast as this all was happening. The buck got about fifty yards away and stopped dead in his tracks, he finally acknowledged my grunting. I pulled my 20 guage slug gun to my shoulder and took the shot. He dropped right in his tracks. I couldn't believe what had just happened in a matter of seconds. There he laid, a 10 point buck with a 21” inside spread that scored just over 150. Not only did I not plan for the hunt that evening, I wasn't even supposed to be in the area I ended up in. With all this being said I sincerely believe that with all the planning in the world we all could use a little luck now and then when it comes to hunting whitetail deer.

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