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COLUMBUS, Ohio (February 10, 2010) - In any shooting sport, consistency is the key to accuracy. In the archery world, the new revolutionary IQ Bowsight-with its patented Retina Lock system-is about to redefine everything we thought we knew about consistency and accuracy. Used correctly, the IQ Bowsight will extend your effective range by ensuring your hold, form and anchor point are all absolutely consistent from shot to shot, from the range to the field.

The genius of the Retina Lock design is its Tunnel Vision System that places a magnifying lens in front of a colored optic element inside of the bezel. Only when perfectly aligned, the Retina Lock produces a green glow behind a black centering dot, verifying your position, hold and anchor point are consistent every time. It's fast, intuitive and almost effortless, but the brilliance of the IQ Bowsight is that it performs equally with or without a peep sight.

It may come as no surprise that inconsistent torque on the bow imparted by the forward hand is the absolute enemy of accurate archery practice, as this causes arrows to wander wildly on the horizontal axis despite having a pin centered perfectly on the target. The variation in grip from the mere addition of gloves can mean the difference between a short blood-trail track to your quarry and a long and unproductive search for a wounded animal-or even a complete miss. The Retina Lock prevents torque. When torque is applied to the bow, the green glow won't be centered in the tunnel vision system. Nor will it be centered if your anchor point changes or you are angling the bow instead of bending at the waist while shooting from an elevated position. This visual feedback is immediate thus allowing for perfect form, muscle memory and accurate arrow placement every time.

Constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum, the IQ Bowsight has unprecedented four-axis adjustability for ideal alignment for any archer. Its StackTight pins nest together, providing closer positioning between pins to accommodate precise aiming points for today's flat-shooting, high-velocity bows. The fiber optic elements are fully contained in the PinPocket design of the IQ's aluminum pins. Light Trap technology ensures bright pins in low light conditions to extend your shooting time without the aid of electronics or batteries.

IQ Bowsight w/ Retina Lock System
IQ Bowsight w/ Retina Lock System

The IQ Bowsight will be available in four- and seven-pin configurations in both left- and right-hand variants. The IQ Bowsight will be arriving on dealers’ shelves by May with suggested retail prices of $199.99 and $219.99 for the four- and seven-pin configurations, respectively.

At the recent Archery Trade Association show, one highly regarded professional bowhunter was overheard saying, “This sight is going to revolutionize bowhunting. It's like having an archery instructor standing over your shoulder telling you exactly what you’re doing wrong and when you’ve got it right.” We fully expect to see him with the IQ on his bow by fall and his comment comes as high praise for the sight that's about to rewrite the book on archery accuracy.

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