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Smoke Armstrong

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I’m Smoke Armstrong, I’m 6’2” tall and weigh 275 pounds and have been hunting from the ground off and on throughout my 34 years of hunting whitetail deer. You might ask why this is pertinent to this gear review. Let me explain.

I’ve probably spent a thousand dollars over the years at twenty dollars a clip on chairs to hunt from the ground and from blinds. I was raised hunting from the ground and there's something that really gets my blood boiling when I come eye to eye with the game I’m hunting. I really enjoy the challenge of being stealth and motionless with 10 sets of eyes staring right at me from 10 yards.

Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to kill a little over 10 deer from the ground with a compound bow. I’ve used everything from camping chairs to 5 gallon buckets throughout my hunting career. I’ve never found one that could withstand the pressure I put on them or provide the perfect set up I’ve been looking for until now.

Recently, I was introduced to the Hunt More 360 Degree Stool. This stool has a big foot feature that prevents us big guys from driving the stool straight into the ground, sound familiar to anyone? It has adjustment capability that is totally silent and enables you to raise and lower the stool from 16” to 21” and anything in between. Comfort is important for long hours in the woods and this chair takes comfort to a whole new level. The back rest provides adjustable lumbar, insulation and great support allowing those all day hunts.

This stool gives silent 360 degree rotation for maximum flexibility. It's portable and collapses and fits into a very small and very well made carrying bag. Everything about this chair is well made, from the glass reinforced resin duck shaped feet to the heavy duty die cast aluminum hubs.

Hunt More Hunting Chair
This product is perfect for long distant trips through the woods. Whether you’re a hunter, a parent watching your children at sporting events, or a vendor working outdoor shows. The chair isn't the cheapest I’ve ever purchased, but it will most likely be my last! I highly recommend this product. Save yourselves the frustration associated with cheap poorly made hunting chairs and commit to the only chair you will ever need at

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