“Hang-On Buddy” Treestand Mounting System

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Fogelsville, Pa.,- Predator Innovation, LLC formally introduced its unique treestand hanging system, the Hang-On Buddy, to the hunting community. It allows hunters to more safely hang treestands with less effort while maximizing the use and versatility of their current treestands.

This product offers unique benefits to hunters as the first universal treestand hanging system on the market. Use of the Hang-On Buddy reduces the awkward and challenging task of attaching the treestand. A mounting system eases the burden for hunters while in the tree, thus reducing the risk associated with elevated hunting. According to Predator Innovations’ founders Robert L. Ehrig and Jason K. Werkheiser, three years of development and testing has yielded a lightweight mounting bracket that can be used without any structural alterations to the treestand.

The Hang-On buddy far exceeds the weight limitations of all of the hang-on treestands on the market. Reputable manufacturers like Predator Innovations use independent testing firms to validate the structural integrity of their designs.

Prior to the invention of the Hang-On Buddy hunters would either purchase multiple treestands or constantly re-mount them as they change their hunting location. Now, hunters can position several Hang-On Buddy mounting bases and easily move from place to place. “At the Lehigh Valley Hunting and Fishing Extravaganza,” said Werkheiser, “I was surprised at how universally hunters praised the fact that they can buy relatively inexpensive light weight mounting bases and have just one great treestand to move from base to base. Not to mention taking their treestand out of the woods with them and preventing theft.”

Hang-On Buddy

About the Hang-on-Buddy
The lightweight Hang-On Buddy mounting base is hung in the tree in advance of hoisting up the treestand. Hooks are attached to a hunter's existing hang/lock-on style treestand that mate with the mounting base in the tree. The Hang-On Buddy fits almost any hang/lock-on style tree stand on the market. The Hang-On Buddy is available for purchase through their website or authorized dealer.

About Predator Innovations
Founded July 4th, 2009 by two whitetail hunters in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania, Predator Innovations, LLC is dedicated to providing outdoor solutions that just plain work.

For additional information about the Hang-On Buddy, visit www.HangOnBuddy.com or call 1-877-831-1525. For interviews with Jason Werkheiser and Robert Ehrig contact Jason via his cell phone at 610 509 2145 or e-mail J@PredatorInnovations.com.

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