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The shinny diamondback truck cover may look pretty on the back of your truck, but this thing means business. I recently bought a pickup truck and even though its a crew cab, there never seemed to be enough room in the back seat for all my hunting gear. This led me look into bed covers giving me dry storage in the bed of the truck. However, with a bed cover I would then have to drag my trailer to haul my 4 wheeler to the farm. Dragging a trailer to work (incase I can get out early for an evening hunt), finding parking, etc is a hassle to say the least.

Diamondback Covers has come up with the solution to all those problems and then some. Their cover not only gives you dry storage in the bed of the truck, it gives you access from the tailgate while the cover remains closed. It also allows access from the cab side of the bed with their Tri-Fold design. When something slides all the way to the cab of the truck, I don't have to crawl way up under the cover to retrieve it. I just open the cab side of the cover and grab it. So not only does the diamond plated shiny cover look cool, but it's super functional.

Then you have what sets this cover apart from all others. Their HD Cover is capable of holding 1,600 pounds on top of it. That gives it more than enough strength to hold not just 1 but 2, 4x4 ATV's or anything else you need to pile on it. The 12ft ramps make getting the ATV's loaded a breeze and there are plenty of cleats which make securing them simple. Even on my 6.5ft bed, I can park one ATV close enough to the cab of the truck to still open the rear lid of the cover. Another nice thing about this cover is you can open the tailgate without having to open the cover, which makes tossing something in the bed real simple.

Diamond Back Truck Bed Cover

For me, this adds huge functionality to my truck that couldn't be achieved any other way. Now I can load all my hunting gear under the cover and keep everything out of the backseat. I can load the ATV on top of the cover and there's no need to drag a trailer! I can keep all my gear secure and dry while keeping the dirt and smells out of my truck and still be able to take my ATV along. There have been many times I’ve left the ATV at home on quick hunting trips because it wasn't worth the hassle of loading, dragging the trailer, etc. Now, I keep the ATV loaded right on the truck for a week or more at a time. If I know I am hunting a few days this week, I keep it loaded and ready to go at a moments notice!

Diamond Back Truck Bed Cover

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