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Chris Pulchny

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How many of we fellow hunters live in the country and always know there's the chance that the biggest buck or turkey of our lives may be in the front yard some morning? Every one of us think about it at sometime or another as we watch the does and hens feed around the house.

Well this came true for my father Donald Pulchny Jr. on October 27th during the Oklahoma primitive arms season. As he stood in the laundry room ironing his clothes getting ready for work he had no idea the biggest of his life was a mere 80 yards away out front servicing many does. Once done and dressed and ready to head to work he walked into the garage in his usual manor then stepped outside to his truck before he got in and took off he gave the yard a look. And there 70 yards away stood a 140 inch non typical that we had never seen before nor caught on trail cameras. He slowly reached into his truck and extracted his muzzle loader and fumbled a .209 primer into the place it needed to go. He then eased around the front of his truck and rested against the hood and sent the .50 cal sabot on its way the deer struggled around momentarily. And then expired; meanwhile does run from the yard in every direction. As you can tell from the photo this was literally a front yard buck he expired with in ten yards of our front yard flag pole!

Even though this wasn't a conventional style of hunting credit has to be given to my father for keeping his composer as this sudden opportunity at the biggest buck of his life unfolded with a total of 14 score able points and over 140 inches of antler. This deer may not be “huge” or a “monster” but he is the biggest of my father's life and will soon be adorning our walls at home. I can only hope I and we all have this chance at some points in our lives just to keep things interesting.

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