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Aaron Daye

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This past August I begin a review of a little device called the Deer Hunter's Edge by Speedtech. The Hunter's Edge predicts the optimal times for deer feeding activity.

The device operates on longitude and latitude coordinates for your area that you input. You then enter current date and time. The Hunter's Edge will then give readings based on weather conditions, barometric pressure, longitude/latitude and moon phase, as to when the optimal times for deer movement will occur. It not only gives current ratings of movement but also will give the hunter predictions of future peak activity.

Since the beginning of August I’ve been taking the Hunter's Edge along on my scouting and hunting trips and to my surprise the Hunter's Edge has been relatively accurate in its predictions. I say “to my surprise” due to my disbelief that any gadget can tell you when to be in the woods or better yet, when not to go.

I will not say this is the best thing since sliced bread but it has given me the confidence to stay on stand longer when the Hunter's Edge is predicting good activity late morning or mid day. Even when not in the woods I would pay attention to the readings and see what or how many deer I observed while driving from one place to another. The one thing that stood out to me after the first few months I used the Hunter's Edge is when it would show peak feeding activity during the mid day when temps were relatively high. Typically I would have thought activity would be modest at best during these warm mid day times but to my surprise I would see deer in every field, yard, power line or woodlot I passed when the Hunter's Edge gave a high rating for activity.

I only get so many opportunities to hunt, so I’ll be in the woods regardless what the Hunters Edge reads but if you have a somewhat flexible schedule that allows you to get in the woods on short notice, the Deer Hunters Edge may be a real advantage. Check it out, The Deer Hunters Edge.

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