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Over the past year I’ve surveyed hundreds of deer hunting junkies. My participants were a collection of trophy bone collectors, meat hunters, weekend warriors, and hunters’ who worked for a profession in TV or print media. Each member brought a wild background and a notable chunk of value to my study and evaluation.

Every person had different demographic backgrounds, used various hunting methods, and definitely shared an individual experience level that was as inconsistent as a longbow shooter flinging arrows into the wind at a hundred yards. Many didn't agree with other participants’ beliefs, feelings, or attitude towards hunting, but through the scrupulous brain dissecting of these hunting nuts, I found that there was one thing that bridged the gap of outdoor enthusiast utopia other than hunting itself. It didn't come from the agreement of camouflage pattern, bow, or arrows, but something that every hunter should be carrying in their backpack.

It seemed as if one necessity other than the routine hunting gear was a tree saw. A quality tree saw to me is one of the most valuable accessories that I personally use on any outdoor venture, whether it's catered to deer or turkey slaying. I can effortlessly zip into the bark of limbs, small trees, or bushes to clear shooting lanes or remove that obnoxious branch that prods you in the back once seated in a stand.

Many of the participants of my study have found using a tree saw ideal for slicing into underbrush during crunch time! In a swiftly manner they were able to slash into brush to use as natural camouflage as a gobbling bird approached during running and gunning situation. Often times, they also preferred using natural brush in their tree stand. One gentleman said that he cuts a few leafy limbs during his walk up to the stand. Once he climbs up, he uses zip-ties to secure the forage into a human nest looking creation.

There is an assortment of handy-dandy tree saws available on the market. As I’ve found, and as many can attest, each tree saw is not created equally. Personally, I prefer Hooyman Saws. Andrew Hooyman, President of Hooyman Saws, is the brain behind the operations. I’ve had the fortune of speaking with Mr. Hooyman on several occasions. He is a fellow Wisconsinite and a great friend of mine! He explained to me a few attributes that make a tree saw exceptional. They should be compact, lightweight, and extremely sharp.

A nice feature is that Hooyman saws are only 12-inches long, which makes them backpack approved. The five-foot saw is barely a pound and a half. My favorite feature is the Hooyman's exclusive MegaBite blade is super sharp. The blade is made of high carbon steel with special four-edge tooth design in which the teeth are hardened to stay sharper for a longer period of time. The saw can be used as a standalone folding saw, or as an extension saw. The company offers two extending models; a five-foot model and ten-foot model.

Many of the group members had one complaint. They found that the extension features on most models become weak and flimsy with each inch! Luckily, Hooyman saws come with an I beam, which eliminates most of the downward flex found with traditional pole extension saws. Hooyman's Positive Locking System (show slotted latches utilizes slotted compression latches that ensures you I beam extension never collapses in while sawing. All of this makes for incredibly sturdy sawing.

My evaluation has proved that we as hunters understand the importance of tools that simply work and get the job done. It also proved that they were willing to pay for a tool that helped them become more successful in the woods. It is obvious that every hunter is an individual that is driven to the sport for an array of reasons or purposes, but we do share one thing in common. The gear we choose must have a purpose, must last, and demonstrate significant dividends come crunch time.

Take a look at the full Hooyman Saw lineup at www.HooymanSaws.com!

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