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Not all trees end up as rotting logs in the woods, but I’m glad the one my backside is seated on did. It's a nice fall day to be sure but my dogs are barking. To quiet them hot feet down I like to change my socks half way through the hunting day. I imagine down there by my toes things are less than fragrant. I don't wash my boots insides as a general rule and going over the tops in fording rivers probably counts as a deep rinsing but not a good scoured cleaning.

What does smell good is the ground. All those fermenting leaves mulching themselves into next spring's worm duff really have an earthy aroma I can't get enough of. Which by the way reminds me, the next time somebody wants to invent an indoor air freshener they ought to try the good old outdoors for some inspiration. Not that I don't have anything against hyacinth scented carpet freshener but I would prefer something called split hickory campfire or ten pm star lit wood smoke. Birch bark after dark, is another one I’d sniff into.

If we could get pine scented pillow cases with cedar slaked bed sheets I know I would sleep better. Maybe my down comforter not only tucks me in but carries the essence of
Bacon frying at dawn with the hint of coffee. I would pay a lot for a piece of candy you could suck on all day that tastes like crisply fried bacon. Some of my shirts do, but that's from stains and the aroma is gone all to quickly which just means I should probably eat slower.

Since I’ve never had a ruffed grouse fly directly into my freezer I have to let the dogs out again. Cinching up the laces on a fresh set of lemony scented socks is almost an outdoors sacrilege. I’ll have to ask the guys that show up this weekend what we should have our socks smell like, besides what they smell like, but I’m thinking something like bourbon of bare foot has a nice ring to it.

In three steps from the log a grouse burst. I sent the upper barrel after it. That is another smell I like; I would like a cigar that smells like a fresh shot shotgun shell. And one thing nice about a perfect miss on a winged bird, I cant smell the agony of defeat.

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