Zing Outdoors Volume I and II

Smoke Armstrong

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Smoke n Ebert: I got the opportunity to watch and provide a review of hunting video volumes I & II produced by Zing Outdoor Productions. If you are interested in seeing different hunting personalities and hunts captured in Montana, Alberta, British Colombia and many more areas these videos are for you.

The Matzinger family and the members of the Zing Team have succeeded in capturing the reality of hunting. Not all hunts are one shot one kill. As you will see in their videos sometimes 4 shots no kills will apply. On the positive side the Zing Team Videos provide a wide variety of hunts to include: Bear, Elk, Moose, Caribou, Antelope, Mountain Lion, Turkey, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, and my favorite from the video Big Horn Ram "Copper King".

Their hunts are primarily with the rifle, however hunting Mountain Lions with a bow adds a bit of a twist. One of the coolest hunts was a father and teenage son hunt for Antelope from a blind with compound bow. The son captured the hunt and the father made a perfect shot on the Antelope at 62 yards with his compound bow. What a shot and what a memory for both.

It's very apparent that the Zing Team continues to improve their video capture, video editing, and video production with each volume they produce. I'm looking forward to watching future productions from the Zing Team. These videos are a refreshing change from all prime time productions we watch. In my opinion the only area for improvement regarding the hunts is the number of whitetail hunts and specifically the use of a compound. I give the Zing Team and volumes I & II 8 Stars on my 10 Star rating system.

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